May 28, 2024
K-Drama Payback Review With Ending, Cast
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Here you can read about k-drama Payback complete story, plot, knows about all cast & characters &more importantly story ending.

In Korean: 법쩐
In English: Payback: Money & Power
Total Ep: 12
Country: (SK) South Korea

Payback Plot

A kind woman namely, Yoon, encourages orphaned ex-convict EunYong (acted by actor Lee Sun Kyun) to love happily a better life. After a few years, EunYong runs a hedge fund firm and is now enjoying a better/good life in Mongolia. But, he learns about Yoon’s alleged money misconduct & death, though, one day. “Payback,” tells the tale of EunYong, also his nephew & JoonGyeong, Yoon’s daughter, fighting to take vengeance for Yoon’s unjust death.

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Payback Cast & Role

K-Drama Payback Review With Ending, Cast

Supporting cast name:

Kim HongPa | Won Hyun Joon | Kim Mi Sook | Park Hwan Hee | Choi Deok Moon | Seo Jeong Yeon | Lee Ki Young | Son Eun Seo | Choi Min Chul | Park Jung Pyo | Kwon Hyuk

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Payback Review / Synopsis:

Poor orphan EunYong’s older sister was hired by a bar. When he was discharged from a youth detention center after being imprisoned for bank robbery, he ended up getting into problems once more. Along with a younger female JoonGyeong, he was fighting with thugs on a train.

Yoon, JoonGyeong’s mum, managed to free her after they were both taken into custody. She signed his paperwork as a caretaker to release him as well after learning that EunYong had no guardian. Yoon thought the circumstance was discriminatory & unjust to EunYong because she believed in equity & justice.

She helped EunYong start living a respectable life, but money & money made things even worst. He accepted a highly-paid position with an (LS) loan shark namely, Myung, because he required money for his only sister & her kid TaeChun.

He has been running his company for many years & is now very successful. His nephew finally becomes a prosecutor, but also his sister now runs her own bar all thanks to EunYoung. Although EunYong still doesn’t know what’s happening in Korea, a recent case handled by his nephew offers him a clue.

After receiving a report regarding a stock fraud case from JoonGyeong, TaeChun approaches EunYong for assistance. EunYong studies the news and learns that Yoon died by suicide after realising the case is connected to Myung & Yoon. When he comes to Korea, JoonGyeong is the 1st person he meets.

Whereas TaeChun, EunYong, & JoonGyeong work to hold those accountable for Yoon’s murder accountable, many more offenses/crimes are revealed. In order to take vengeance and restore Yoon’s lost prestige, he has risked both his company & his life.

Kdrama Payback Ending: Happy or Sad

Myung was duped by HamJin and JoonGyeong into admitting to Oh’s murder in addition to when he thought he was only meant to talk regarding Yoon’s case. Myung understands that EunYong and JoonGyeong have trapped him and there is no way for him to escape.

Yeong Jin admits to participating in it alongside Hwang after reading Myung’s statement. Eventually, Hwang is taken into custody by TaeChun on suspect of involvement in Oh’s murder. Up until the very end, Myung and Hwang continue to blame one another for their problems.

Payback concludes happily as EunYong and JoonGyeong effectively take their revenge. JoonGyeong watches her mum’s business regaining its stability, TaeChun lives a meaningful life as his mum wished, and EunYong goes back to Mongolia to carry on his work. Everyone returns to their right place.

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