April 24, 2024
2022 Korean drama list
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Here is the list of Highest rating Korean drama 2022 & films, also 2022 Korean drama list & 2022 K-movies below! Get ready & update your watching list!”

Highest rating Korean drama 2022 

Top 11 dramas of 2022

Wanna know about what is the highest rating Kdrama in Korea 2022?

Through the darkness {K-serial}

Our blues {K-serial}

Bloody heart {K-serial}

Twenty-five twenty-one {K-serial}

All of us are dead {K-serial}

Kiss sixth sense {K-serial}

My liberation notes {K-serial}

Tomorrow {K-serial}

Pachinko {K-serial}

Semantic error {K-serial}

Business proposal {K-serial}

Korean drama 2022 completed

2022 Korean drama list

Alchemy of Souls {K serial}

May It Please the Court {K serial}

The Glory {K serial}

Welcome to Wedding Hell {K serial}

Bad Prosecutor {SK serial}

Adamas {SK serial}

The Backpacker Chef {SK serial}

Circle House {SK serial}

Bloody Heart {SK serial}

Again My Life {SK serial}

Becoming Witch {SK serial}

Inside {SK serial}

Somebody {SK serial} 

All of Us Are Dead {SK serial}

Money Heist {SK serial}

The First Responders {SK serial}

Extraordinary Attorney Woo {SK serial}

Dr. Park’s Clinic {SK serial}

The Empire {SK serial}

Twenty-Five Twenty-One {SK serial}

Curtain Call {SK serial}

Trolley {SK serial}

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me {SK serial}

Fly High Butterfly {SK serial}

Eve {SK serial}

Café Minamdang {SK serial}

Tracer {SK serial}

Under the Queen’s Umbrella {SK serial}

The Fabulous {SK serial}

Unlock My Boss {SK serial}

Vengeance of the Bride {SK serial}

The Forbidden Marriage {SK serial}

Why Her {SK serial}

Once Upon a Small Town {SK serial}

Woori the Virgin {SK serial}

Big Mouth {SK serial}

Yonder {SK serial}

Cheer Up {SK serial}

The Zone: Survival Mission {SK serial}

Business Proposal {SK serial}

Fanletter Please {SK serial}

Cleaning Up {SK serial}

Blind {SK serial}

Killer’s Shopping List {SK serial}

Bravo, My Life {SK serial}

Forecasting Love and Weather {SK serial}

Be Ambitious {SK serial} 

Dragon Age {SK serial}

Crazy Love {SK serial}

Doctor Lawyer {SK serial}

From Now On, Showtime! {SK serial}

A Superior Day {SK serial}

Weak Hero Class 1 {SK serial}

Connect {SK serial}

Behind Every Star {SK serial}

Take 1 {SK serial}

The Sound of Magic {SK serial}

Big Bet {SK serial}

Tomorrow {SK serial}

Three Bold Siblings {SK serial}

Summer Strike {SK serial}

The Golden Spoon {SK serial}

Street Man Fighter {SK serial}

Hot Singers {SK serial}

Today’s Webtoon {SK serial}

Through the Darkness {SK serial}

Music Universe K-909 {SK serial}

The Origin – AB Or What? {SK serial}

Gold Mask {SK serial}

Young Actors’ Retreat {SK serial}

Thirty-Nine {SK serial}

Gaus Electronics {SK serial}

If You Wish Upon Me {SK serial}

Kiss Sixth Sense {SK serial}

The King of Pigs {SK serial}

Ghost Doctor {SK serial}

Little Women {SK serial}

May I Help You? {SK serial}

Love in Contract {SK serial}

The Law Cafe {SK serial}

The Interest of Love {SK serial}

Link: Eat, Love, Kill {SK serial}

Kill Heel {SK serial}

Love All Play {SK serial}

Glitch {SK serial} 

LeeMujin Service {SK serial}

Juvenile Justice {SK serial}

Love Is for Suckers {SK serial}

Narco-Saints {SK serial}

Mental Coach Jegal {SK serial}

Island {SK serial}

Good Job {SK serial}

A Model Family {SK serial}

My Liberation Notes {SK serial}

One Dollar Lawyer {SK serial}

Rookie Cops {SK serial}

Remarriage & Desires {SK serial}

The Second World {SK serial}

Military Prosecutor Doberman {SK serial}

It’s Beautiful Now {SK serial}

Revenge of Others {SK serial}

The Secret House {SK serial}

Red Balloon {SK serial}

Semantic Error {SK serial}

Our Blues {SK serial}

Monstrous {SK serial}

Green Mothers’ Club {SK serial}

Soundtrack 1 {SK serial}

Rose Mansion {SK serial}

Sangam-Dong Class {SK serial}

Reborn Rich {SK serial}

Sponsor {SK serial}

Now, Follow Me {SK serial}

Jinxed at First {SK serial}

Grid {SK serial}

Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist      {SK serial}   

K-Movies Yearly Bucket 2022

2022 Korean movies list

Hansan: Rising Dragon  {SK film}

Hunt {SK film}

The Night Owl {SK film}

Hero {SK film}

Emergency Declaration {SK film}

6/45 {SK film}

Decision to Leave {SK film}

The Policeman’s Lineage {SK film}

Special Delivery {SK film}

Kingmaker {SK film}

The Pirates: Last Royal Treasure {SK film}

Love and Leashes {SK film}

Serve the People {SK film}

In Our Prime {SK film}

Hot Blooded {SK film}

The Girl on Bulldozer {SK film}

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations {SK film}

Anchor {SK film}

The Novelist’s Film {SK film}

Air Murder {SK film}

Urban Myths {SK film}

I Want to Know Your Parents {SK film}

When Spring Comes {SK film}

Boogie Nights {SK film}

Piggy Back {SK film}

Cassiopeia {SK film}

Broker {SK film}

2037 {SK film}

The Witch: Part2 {SK film}

Mother and Daughter {SK film}

My Perfect Roommate {SK film}

The Killer: Girl Who Deserves to Die {SK film}

Allienoid {SK film}

Carter {SK film}

Seoul Vibe {SK film}

Limit {SK film}

Semantic Error {SK film}

Confidential Assignment 2 {SK film}

Oh! My Ghost {SK film}

Thunderbird {SK film}

Honest Candidate 2 {SK film}

Life Is Beautiful {SK film}

Come Back Home {SK film}

Transaction Complete {SK film}

20th Century Girl {SK film}

Confession {SK film}

Remember {SK film}

The Highway Family {SK film}

Walk Up {SK film}

Ditto {SK film}

Decibel {SK film}

The Night Owl {SK film}

Men of Plastic {SK film}

The Haunted House {SK film}

Gentleman  {SK film}

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