July 12, 2024
2023 Korean Drama List
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Here is the list of complete 2023 Korean drama list and 2023 best films list. Also top 10 Korean drama 2023. This will help you while you’re searching for what to watch next show. You can get 2023 Korean drama list easily here.

2023 Korean Drama List

Kdrama 2023 list completed & Upcoming korean dramas

 Love To Hate You    {SK serial}

Our Blooming Youth     {SK serial}

Oasis {SK serial}

Delivery man {SK serial}

Strangers Again {SK serial}

Payback {SK serial}

Brain Works {SK serial}

Kokdu: Season of Deity {SK serial}

Crash Course in Romance {SK serial}

Island Part 1 & Part 2 {SK serial}

The Interest of Love {SK serial}

Big Bet Part 1 {SK serial}

Missing The Other Side 2 {SK serial}

Trolly {SK serial}

Divorce Attorney Shin {SK serial}

7 Escape {SK serial}

Agency {SK serial}

The Glory Part 2 {SK serial}

Run Into You {SK serial}

The Heavenly Idol {SK serial}

Big Bet Season 2 {SK serial}

Taxi Driver 2 {SK serial}

Shark: The Storm {SK serial}

D.P. Season 2 {SK serial}

Bloodhounds {SK serial}

The Worst Of Evil {SK serial}

Dominant Species {SK serial}

Namnam {SK serial}

Family: The Unbreakable Bond {SK serial}

Night Blooming Flower {SK serial}

Destined with You {SK serial}

See You in My 19th Life {SK serial}

Secret Romantic Guesthouse {SK serial}

Queenmaker {SK serial}

King of Saju {SK serial}

Park Ha Kyung’s Travels {SK serial}

Queen of Masks {SK serial}

The Day of The Kidnapping {SK serial}

Useless Lies {SK serial}

Stealer {SK serial}

National Death Penalty Vote {SK serial}

The Price of Confession {SK serial}

Dr. Romantic 3 {SK serial}

P cont. {SK serial}

Miss Granny {SK serial}

No Secret {SK serial}

Pure Boxer {SK serial}

Sweet and Spicy Chicken {SK serial}

Uncle Sam-Sik {SK serial}

The Good Bad Mother {SK serial}

Hellbound 2 {SK serial}

Queen Of Tears {SK serial}

Sweet Home 2 {SK serial}

Squid Game S2 {SK serial}

YiJae, Will Die Soon {SK serial}

Shadow Detective 2 {SK serial}

Hip {SK serial}

Villains {SK serial}

Lovers {SK serial}

Island Part 2 {SK serial}

All of Us Are Dead 2 {SK serial}

Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist 2 {SK serial}

Story of Widow Park’s Marriage Contract {SK serial}

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise {SK serial}

Black Knight {SK serial}

Dr. Cha {SK serial}

Call It Love {SK serial}

Doona! {SK serial}

Numbers {SK serial}

Boss Dol Mart {SK serial}

Duty After School {SK serial}

Gyeongseong Creature {SK serial}

Parasyte: The Grey {SK serial}

Celebrity {SK serial}

Bora! Deborah {SK serial}

Say You Love Me {SK serial}

Look at Me {SK serial}

Behind Your Touch {SK serial}

Daily Dose of Sunshine {SK serial}

Maestra {SK serial}

The Devil {SK serial}

Is It a Coincidence? {SK serial}

Beneficial Fraud {SK serial}

The Real Has Come {SK serial}

Woman in a Veil {SK serial}

Mysterious Sweets Shop Jeoncheondang {SK serial}

Joseon Attorney {SK serial}

G cont. {SK serial}

Divorce Attorney Shin {SK serial}

Family Gravesite {SK serial}

Diva of the Deserted Island {SK serial}

Goryeo-Khitan War {SK serial}

Decoy: Part 1 {SK serial}

Arthdal Chronicles 2 {SK serial}

A Good Day to Be a Dog {SK serial}

Decoy: Part 2 {SK serial}

Sweet Home 3 {SK serial}

Dr. Slump {SK serial}

Thank u for Your Hard Work {SK serial}

Heart Beats {SK serial}

The First Responders 2 {SK serial}

Goodbye Earth {SK serial}

Oh! Young-Sim {SK serial}

Very Lucky Day {SK serial}

Paper Moon {SK serial}

Strong Girl Nam-Soon {SK serial}

Murderer o Nangam {SK serial}

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 {SK serial}

Race {SK serial}

The Deal {SK serial}

When the Stars Gossip {SK serial}

Perfect Family {SK serial}

LTNS {SK serial}

Han River {SK serial}

I’ve Been Waiting For u For Long Time {SK serial}

All That We Loved {SK serial}

2023 Korean Movie List

Korean Movies Yearly Bucket 2023

2023 Korean movie:

Gangnam Zombie {SK Movie}

Return to Seoul {SK Movie}

Jung_E {SK Movie}

Kill Bok Soon {SK Movie}

The Match {SK Movie}

Unlocked {SK Movie}

Past Lives {SK Movie}

Bargaining {SK Movie}

Believer 2 {SK Movie}

Phantom {SK Movie}

Project Wolf Hunting {SK Movie}

The Assassin {SK Movie}

The Point Men {SK Movie}

The Roundup {SK Movie}

The Devil Deals {SK Movie}

Soulmate {SK Movie}

Ballerina {SK Movie}

Love My Scent {SK Movie}

2022 and other years Korean dramas and film list!

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