May 28, 2024
Ahn Bohyun Profile, Interesting Facts, Girlfriend, Ideal Type, Dramas' & More
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Below is every single information regarding Ahn Bohyun, Bohyun profile, facts about Ahn Bohyun, also about his past, current girlfriend, Ahn Bohyun ideal type girl also every single drama of him also his movies everything is listed or written below.

Ahn Bohyun Profile

Real Ireum: Ahn Bo Hyun

In Korean: 안보현

Stage ireum: Ahn Bohyun

AHB Birthday: 16th of May, 1988

ABH Birthplace: Busan 

Country: South Korea

ABH Zodiac Star: Taurus

ABH Nationality: Korean

Ahn Height: 6’1″

Ahn Weight: 75kg

ABH Profession: Actor

Ahn Ex-Girlfriend: Blackpink Jisoo

Ahn Instagram Acc: @bohyunahn

Ahn Youtube Channel: 브라보현

Facts about Ahn Bohyun

Early life:

= Bohyun never truly considered a career in acting.

= Bohyun received his diploma from (BS) Busan Sports (HS) High School.

= Around that period, he additionally won the prize in several contests.

= Plus in amateur boxing tournaments, he has taken home gold medals.

= Bohyun went to the modeling department of the university.

= Ahn watched the 2002 year boxing movie Champion, which piqued his keenness in acting.

= Ahn desired to polish his abilities & seek an acting profession.

Professional life:

= Back in 2014, Ahn made his professional acting début.

= Ahn was given a part in the television show Golden Cross. Later, he continues to appear in numerous other television series throughout the years.

= Ahn is an (FNE) FN Entertainment signed artist.

= Ahn was a model prior he turned into an actor.

= Ahn’s most recognizable performances can be found in a number of dramas, among them Her Private Life, plus Dokgo Rewind, & Descendants of Sun.

= However, with “Hiya”, he additionally made his big-screen début as well.

= Around 2020, Ahn started to become well-known. Ahn portrayed a key role in “Itaewon Class.” However, its success aided Bohyun’s ascent to fame.

= Ahn appeared in “I Live Alone,” (ILA) a reality series.

Friends, hobbies, likes & dislikes:

= Sehun from EXO & Park Seojun is people Ahn is very close to.

= Ahn also has a friendship with Kim Woobin.

= Bohyun started a YouTube account in the month of Feb 2019 with the moniker “Bravo Hyun.”

= Ahn posted a variety of travel, home fitness, along with behind-the-scenes video content on his youtube.

= When they were shooting “Descendants of Sun,” Ahn got a crush on that drama protagonist Song Hye Kyo.

Ahn Bohyun Girlfriend:

He was officially dating with Jisoo (Singer & actor). She’s from Blackpink girl band. They verified dating in 2023 and broke up in 2023.

Ahn Bohyun ideal type:

= Ahn ideal type of girl is someone who’s good & who respects all elderly people, not just her own parents.

Ahn Bohyun Dramas

= Goleden Spoon + Year: 2013 + Role: Main

= See u in My 19 Life + Year: 2023 + Channel: tvN + Role: Main

= Adamas + Year: 2022 + Channel: tvN + Role: Guest

= Yumi’s Cells S2 + Year: 2022 + Channel: TVING + Role: Support

= Military Prosecutor Doberman + Year: 2022 + Channel: tvN + Role: Main

= Yumi’s Cells + Year: 2021 + Channel: tvN/TVING + Role: Main

= My Name + Year: 2021 + Channel: Netflix + Role: Main

= Kairos + Year: 2020 + Channel: MBC + Role: Main

= Itaewon Class + Year: 2020 + Channel: JTBC + Role: Support

= Her Private Life + Year: 2019 + Channel: tvN + Role: Support

= Hide and Seek + Year: 2018 + Channel: MBC + Role: Support

= Dokgo Rewind + Year: 2018 + Role: Main

= My Only Love Song + Year: 2017 + Channel: Netflix + Role: Support

= The Rebel + Year: 2017 + Channel: MBC

= After Snow Ends +Year: 2016 + Role: Main

= Descendants of Sun + Year: 2016 + Channel: KBS2 + Role: Support

= The Dearest Lady + Year: 2015 + Channel: MBC + Role: Support

= My Secret Hotel + Year: 2014 + Channel: tvN + Role: Support

= Two Mothers + Year: 2014 + Channel: KBS2 + Role: Support

= Golden Cross + Year: 2014 + Channel: KBS2 + Role: Support


= 2O’clock Date + Year: 2022 + Role: Main

= Memories of Dead End + Year: 2019 + Role: Support

= Hiya + Year: 2016 + Role: Main

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