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Jeon Wonwoo Profile, Interesting Facts, GF, Ideal Type & More
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Jeon Wonwoo Profile

Birth Ireum: Jeon Wonwoo

In Korean: 전원우 

Stage ireum: Wonwoo

In Korean: 원우

Woo Nationality: South Korean

Won Birthday & Year: 17th of July, 1996

WW Hometown: Changwon, Gyeongsangnamdo

WW Birth Country: South Korea

Won Star: Cancer

Woo Chinese Star: Rat

Won’s Height: 5’97” feet

Woo’s Weight: 63kg

Won’s Group ireum: SEVENTEEN

WW Blood Group: A

WW Position: Lead Rapper

WW MBTI: INFP (in 2022) / INFJ (in 2019)

WW SubUnit: Hip-Hop Team

WW Instagram Acc: @everyone_woo

Won’s Spotify list here:  Songs I listen 

Facts about Wonwoo

So, below are detailed interesting facts about wonwoo given below:

Early life:

= Woo’s birthplace was Changwon in the South Korean province of Gyeongsangnamdo.

= (JBH) Jeon Bohyuk is the ireum of Won’s younger brother. Bohyuk birth year is 1998.

= Won’s family consists of a dad & a younger bro.

= Won’s mum passed away on 06.04.2022 from illness.

= Won’s Education: School of (PAS) Performing Arts Seoul + Practical Music (KPD) KPop Division Major at (HYU) Hanyang Uni for Future Talents.

= Woo was an extremely reserved/quiet pupil in his middle school days.

= Also, Woo’ visited an institution of music with a classmate back when Woo was in school in order to learn/ study to play the instrument guitar.

= In his younger days, Woo participated/ played in hapkido & sports (athletics).

= Woo mentioned his grandmother’s (SF) seafood restaurant was once handled by his family.

= Woonwoo ireum derives from the Korean words Won meaning ‘Round’ & Woo meaning ‘Help.’  It implies having a generous heart & living by helping.

= Woo revealed that throughout his school era, he was well-known for being “that handsome senior.”

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Hobbies, specialties, role models, friends, likes & dislikes:

= His nose, shoulders, & collarbone are three of his favourite body parts.

= Wonwoo enjoys using complex terms, possibly because he enjoys reading & has a large vocabulary.

= Won is terrified of dogs.

= Won is an extremely shy & introverted person.

= Although, when he initially entered the company, Hoshi & Mingyu started the first interactions with Won because he was initially pretty hard to talk to.

= Won claims that despite appearing frigid due to his piercing gaze, he truly is a warm guy.

= When things between Seungkwan, Hoshi, & Won were still uncomfortable, the three of them went to see “Spiderman” jointly.

= Although his body is naturally slim & his shoulder is noticeably broad, won has been diligently working lately in order to put on some weight.

= Woo declared that if he could start another team, Seungkwan, Mingyu, + Hoshi, DK, & Dino &  himself in it therefore the team would be called “Comics.”

= Wonwoo used to despise working out.

= Won is particularly fond of Dino & is quite touchy-feely around the younger members.

= Won got SVT votes to be the cleanest between all members.

= Woo is a huge cat lover.

= He claimed to have acquired his tall stature from his parents.

= Woo mentioned that he frequently donates to shelters for stray cats.

= Woo thinks he’s the third or fourth most attractive guy in the band. SCoups, he claims, is the most attractive guy to him since he’s so strong-willed & has excellent leadership skills.

= Wonwoo enjoys reading mysteries and thrillers novels.

= Following  Mingyu, woo is the biggest/ tall guy in SVT.

= Both photography & filmmaking are skills he has been studying.

= Won did a solo photoshoot with GQKorea in Feb 2016 because of his model-like figure.

= People remark on his good appearance when he is sleepy & stares blankly.

= Woo & Jun are of identical height.

= Woo is a really heavy drinker, & his preferred beer is (SA) Stella Artois.

= Woo dislikes Aeygo.

= Won acknowledged that his reclusive nature made it challenging for him to blend in.

= Woo pays close attention to footwear, paddings, & caps in particular.

= Woo enjoys watching movies, plus playing video games, & reading.

= Woo’s fans claim he possesses a cat & fox-like appearance.

= Blue is Woo’s preferred colour.

= When Won was ill, Dad handed him a ring.

= Beneath his SVT ring, Woo constantly wears that 1 ring his dad gave him.

= Fried rice with kimchi & sweet & sour chicken is 1 of his favourite dishes.

= SVT claims that Woo has always had (PA) 6-pack abs.

= Without Svt, he claimed, he might have been leading a dreary life.

= Pomegranates are his favourite fruit.

= Woo likes hamburgers a lot.

= Woo allergic to seafood.

= Won is really ticklish.

= Woo sleeps open-mouthed.

= Won has a propensity for making sweater paws & swinging his legs.

= Won doesn’t cry readily.

= Beneath his right eye, woo had a tiny mole.

= Won added that since he lived with his teammates, he learned how to communicate his emotions, which has significantly altered his demeanor from when he was a teenager.

= Woo loves ramen over dish spicy rice cakes.

= Because of his keen awareness of other people’s mood swings, woo would text the person in question to apologise whenever he believed that he had upset anyone.

= Woo preference is towards horror films over comedies.

= Woo was given the moniker JeonSloth since he was the “slowest” teammate.

= Before going to bed, Woo prefers listening to sad songs.

= Won has poor stamina, yet he keeps diligently attempting to increase it through exercise.

= He claims that every time he watches the K-film called “Miracle in Cell No7,” he sheds a tear.

= Woo has excellent high jump skills & is a quick runner.

= The 270mm woo shoe size.

= Won cited American rapper (LF) Lupe Fiasco & member of (EH) Epik High named Tablo as his inspirations.

= Won uses contacts or glasses because of his poor vision.

= Jeon Wonwoo frequently bit persons who were sitting or standing close to him.

= Woo is quite shy.

= Won has trouble taking good selfies.

= Woo admitted that he’s particularly close to Hoshi since he believes he understands him the best & since Hoshi is amenable to his jokes.

= Won typically spends his relaxation days at home due to the fact that is an indoor person. He reads books & plays video games at home.

= Won would rather use DK & Vernon’s stage monikers than their real ones.

= Wonwoo excels at playing video games on computers & mobile devices.

= Woo dresses casually, wearing parkas, hoodies, jerseys, etc.

= Plus leather jacket Woo purchased in the wintertime is his favourite.

= S.Coups is mainly Won’s gaming partner.

= Woo believes that he has some masculine qualities.

= Despite woo doesn’t play video games as frequently as S.Coups, woo has an innate talent in them, claims S.Coups.

= Woo participated in many activities, including basketball, bowling, & billiards.

= Woo, grades in English, Math, & Korean were excellent, & he liked his studies.

= Although he wasn’t brilliant at humanities, he nowadays reads books on them & finds them to be rather fascinating.

= In addition to being skilled at mimicking Hoshi, woo is also skilled at Patrick & Spongebob mimicking from (SS) “Spongebob Squarepants.”

= Woo desire to become “an individual who sings & dances” was sparked when Woo was a little child while watching television.

= Woo doesn’t easily frighten.

= Wonwoo suffers from dry eye syndrome also called (xerophthalmia).

= Jeon Wonwoo goes by the monikers Wonu, JeoNeoNu, Sloth, plus Fox, Actor Jeon, plus JeonBoy, JeonBallad, plus Bag of Luck, also Palryong Middle School (PMS) Dancing Machine,+ Seoul Music Festival (SMF) That Guy, plus Kwon Wonwoo, JeonPpoPpo, &  JeonAeong.

= Wonwoo aspires to work as an RJ.

= Whenever wonwoo laughs, woo scrunch his nose.

= Won is really close to guy Himchan of B.A.P.

= Won, in S.Coups’ opinion, is very much like his papa.

= Woo revealed that a dog bite he received as a child left him terrified of dogs. However, wonwoo claimed that these days he no longer fears dogs.

= Jeon Woonwoo possesses an overseas driving license.

= As a little boy, he never believed in Santa Claus.

= As Won 1st earned cash from his parents, woo purchased a book titled “Magic Hanja.”

= Wonwoo claimed that he spend eighty percent of his stipend amount on bungeoppang means (fish-shaped bread containing red bean paste), something that he truly loved.

= Wonwoo rejects the notion of love at 1st sight. He thinks falling in love so quickly is uncommon.

Wonwoo ideal type:

= The best partner for Won is a person who complements him is best explains his ideal type.

Professional life:

= Won took part in (PE) Pledis auditions purely for the experience, & ultimately got accepted.

= Jeon Wonwoo spent a four-year period as a trainee.

= Won is a part of SVT’s hiphop team & the group’s rapper.

= During Nov 2011, won started working as a trainee at (PE) Pledis Entertainment.

= However, others informed him he had an outstanding vocal for rapping after he initially began out as a singer.

= Following then, he researched the hiphop scene, emerged as a rapper, & joined the hiphop unit.

= Wonwoo identified himself as an SVT teammate with the lowest-pitched in the (WI) Weekly Idol segment.

= Won’s “17 since born” self-introduction alludes to his July 17 birthdate.

= Wonwoo was featured in the music videos called “Face” by NU’EST & “Venus” by (HV) Hello Venus.

= Woo really loves to write lyrics.

= Additionally, in the Top Beautiful Faces (TBF) of 2017, Woo comes in at number 72.

Wonwoo Movies

SVT Power of Love + Year: 2022 + Role: Main

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