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Chae Jong Hyeop Profile, Interesting Facts, Girlfriend, Ideal Type, Dramas & More
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Chae Jong Hyeop, a burgeoning presence in the realm of South Korean entertainment, has captivated audiences with his compelling performances. His journey into the spotlight began with a fervor for acting, and since then, he has carved a niche for himself in the industry. Known for his versatility and dedication, Chae Jong Hyeop’s ascent as an actor has been marked by a string of engaging roles, earning him admiration and acclaim from viewers worldwide.

Chae Jong Hyeop Profile

Real Ireum: Chae Jeong Hyeop

In Korean: 채종협

Stage Ireum: Jimmy Chae

His Nicknames: Jeong Hyeop & Jimmy

Jimmy Birthdate: 19th of May, 1993

CHY Birthplace: Seoul

Birth Country: South Korea

CHY Zodiac Star: Taurus

CHY Chinese Zodiac: Rooster

CHY Nationality: South Korean

CHY Sibling: Chae Song Hwa

Physical Appearance:

CHY Weight: 75 kg

CHY Height: 6’1”

CHY Blood Type: A

CHY Hair Color: Currently, Dark Brown

CHY Eye Color Natural: Dark Brown

CHY Body Measurements: –

CHY Shoe Size: 11US

CHY Professions: Actor & Model

Social Media Accounts:

CHY Instagram: @chaejh_

CHY Agency Profile: Chae Jong Hyeop

CHY Tiktok: –

CHY YouTube Channel: –

CHY Facebook: –

CHY Thread: –

Interesting Facts about Chae Jong Hyeop

Here are some unbelievable, amazing facts about him.

Early life and Background:

= Born in renowned city Seoul.

= CJH has 1 sister.

= His clan consist of mum, dad, him & his sister.

= CJH spent an entire year as middle school pupil living in Thailand before spending the next 4-5 years residing in South Africa.

= Additionally, his full ireum is Jimmy Chae. Whenever he travelled, he used his this English identity.

= Hyeop entered Seoul Arts Institution’s Dep of Fashion Model after receiving his diploma.

= From an early age, he desired to appear on television.

Hobbies, likes & dislikes:

= Hyeop identified “hardworking” as his defining quality.

= Jimmy prefers to answer the phone than to respond to messages.

= In order to prepare for some of his characters, Hyeop did pilates.

= Hyeop is an excellent swimmer.

= CJH typically exercises at a gym during his spare time.

= Furthermore, a ring that his mom gave him is a highly cherished item.

= When he left to attend study overseas, his mom handed a ring to him to serve as a memento.

= Although he considered altering his real name since it is hard to say, he believes that if people start memorizing it, they will remember him more.

= Hyeop frequently runs near the Han River.

= Winter is his favourite season, whereas summertime is his least favourite.

= While in a committed relationship, he always remains open & honest about his feelings.

= Hyeop desires to portray a mischievous figure.

= Hyeop desires to attempt acting in romantic comedies & historical dramas.

= CJH described himself as a (BP) “bright person” during an interview since he typically has more positive traits than bad ones.

= Sweet potato pizza & tuna kimbap are 2 of his favourite dishes.

= Hyeop wants to be regarded as a trustworthy & sympathize actor.

Professional life:

= His modeling career began in South Africa.

= Hyeop first gained notoriety as a runway fashion model back in 2014 prior to becoming an actor.

= Kim Seo Ryeong, who’s a Korean fashion designer, personally selected him as a runway model.

= Hyeop started acting under YNK Ent in 2016.

= Although he played the lead in Webtoon Hero, it served as his most noteworthy acting début.

= Following then, he worked on other projects, including No Bad Days & Between Friends.

Net Worth 

= Based on various reports, it’s suggested that his net worth ranges between $8 M to $10 million.

= Plus, his primary source of earnings appears to stem from his parts in diverse drama sequel.

Chae Jong Hyeop Ideal Type

= There is none for him. Anyone that communicates clearly & appears to be the suitable type would be fine.

Chae Jong Hyeop Girlfriend

= He has consistently maintained a low profile regarding his romantic life, never being linked to any public relationships or subjected to dating rumors.

= It’s evident he values privacy when it comes to his personal and dating matters.

Chae Jong Hyeop Dramas

= Eye Love You + Year: 2024 + Ep: – + Role: Main

= Is It Coincidence? + Year: 2023 + Ep: 8 + Role: Main

= Diva of Deserted Island + Year: 2023 + Channel: tvN + Ep: 12 + Role: Main

= See u in My 19 Life + Year: 2023 + Channel: tvN + Ep: 12 + Role: Guest

= Unlock My Boss + Year: 2022 + Channel: ENA + Ep: 12 + Role: Main

= Sh**ting Stars + Year: 2022 + Channel: tvN + Ep: 16 + Role: Gust

= Love All Play + Year: 2022 + Channel: KBS2 + Ep: 16 + Role: Main

= Witch’s Diner + Year: 2021 + Channel: TVING /+ Ep: 8 + Role: Main

= Nevertheless + Year: 2021 + Channel: JTBC + Ep: 10 + Role: Main

= Sisyphus: The Myth + Year: 2021 + Channel: JTBC + Ep: 16 + Role: Main

= Hot Stove League + Year: 2019 + Channel: SBS + Ep: 16 + Role: Main

= Rumor + Year: 2019 + Ep: 8 + Role: Main

= Come & Hug Me + Year: 2018 + Channel: MBC + Ep: 8 + Role: Main

= No Bad Days + Year: 2017 + Ep: 10 + Role: Main

= Between Friends + Year: 2017 + Ep: 8 + Role: Main

= Webtoon Hero + Year: 2016 + Ep: 12 + Role: Support

TV Shows

= Sixth Sense 2 + Year: 2021 + Ep: 10 + Role: Guest + Channel: –

= Amazing Saturdy + Year: 2018 + Ep: 168 & 288 + Role: Guest + Channel: –

= Running Man + Year: 2010 + Ep: 564 + Role: Guest + Channel: –


= Award Title: Best New Actor + Award for: Love All Play + Year: 2022 + Award Name: KBS Drama Awards + Date: Dec 31, 2022

= Year : 2022 + Award Name: Korea 1st Brand Award + Award Title: Best New Actor

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Qquestions)

1. Who is Chae Jong Hyeop?

A: A South Korean actor & model known for roles in series like “Hot Stove League” & “Nevertheless”​​.

2. What led to Chae Jong Hyeop’s acting career?

A: He actually started taking acting previously in high school & later joined College named Seoul Arts College majored in the Fashion Model Dept​​.

3. What are Jong Hyeop’s real & stage names?

A: His real name & stage name are both Chae Jeong Hyeop, & he also goes by the nickname Jimmy Chae​​.

4. What is Chae Jong Hyeop’s height and weight?

A: CJH is 186cm tall & weighs 75 kg​​ approx.

5. Does Chae Jong Hyeop have any siblings?

A: Yes, he has a sister named Chae Song Hwa​​.

6. What is known about Chae Jong Hyeop’s dating life?

A: He has not been involved in any publicly disclosed romances​​.

7. What is Chae Jong Hyeop’s estimated net worth?

A: His estimated net worth is between $8 million to $10 million​​.

8. Did Chae Jong Hyeop live abroad during his youth?

A: Yes, he lived in Thailand and South Africa during his middle school years​​.

9. What is Chae Jong Hyeop’s ideal type?

A: He prefers someone right for him, with good communication, kindness, and a reserved personality​​.

10. In which dramas has Chae Jong Hyeop acted?

A: His acting credits include “Hot Stove League,” “Nevertheless,” “Unlock My Boss,” and others​​.

11. Has Chae Jong Hyeop appeared in TV shows?

A: Yes, he has been a guest on shows like “Sixth Sense 2” and “Running Man”​​.

12. What awards has Chae Jong Hyeop won?

A: He won the Best New Actor at the 2022 KBS Drama Awards for “Love All Play”​​.

13. What is Chae Jong Hyeop’s zodiac sign?

A: His zodiac sign is Taurus​​.

14. What are some of Chae Jong Hyeop’s hobbies?

A: He enjoys photography, listening to music, and working out​​.

15. What blood type does Chae Jong Hyeop have?

A: His blood type is A​​.

16. What color are Chae Jong Hyeop’s hair and eyes?

A: So, both his hair & eye color are actually dark brown​​.

17. What kind of roles does Chae Jong Hyeop aspire to play?

A: He is interested in playing mischievous characters and roles in historical dramas and romantic comedies​​.

18. Where did Chae Jong Hyeop start his modeling career?

A: He started his modeling career in South Africa​​.

19. What is Chae Jong Hyeop’s nationality?

A: He is South Korean​​.

20. What is a memorable fact about Chae Jong Hyeop?

A: His most beloved possession is a ring given by his mother as a keepsake​​.

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