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Yoona Profile, Interesting Facts, Boyfriend, Ideal Type, Dramas & More
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Yoona Profile

Stage ireum: Yoona 

In Korea: 윤아

Real ireum: Im Yoon Ah 

In Korean: 임윤아

YoonA Nicknames: Yoong, + Saseumi, Him Yoona, + Im-choding, + Saebyuk, & Alligator Yoong

IYA Birthday: 30th of May, 1990

IYA Zodiac Star: Gemini

IYA Height: 5’6″

Yoona Weight: 48kg 

IYA Blood Group: B

IYA Profession: Actress, Singer

IYA Instagram: @yoona__lim 

IYA Youtube: limyoona__official

Facts about Yoona

Eraly life:

Seoul, SK, is where she was born.

YA has 1 older sister.

Hobbies, specialties, likes & dislikes:

YA English ireum is Roxanne.

YA speaks Korean native, & basic English, Chinese, & Japanese.

IYA monikers are Yoong, Saseumi, + Him Yoona, + Im-choding, + Saebyuk, & Alligator Yoong.

IYA loves to consume cereal prior heading to bed.

YA loves having late-night snacking as well.

Between the male stars of SNSD, YA has the greatest number of admirers.

RaeO is the moniker of the Bichon dog yoonah owns.

YA has certain foot-related insecurities.

Wintertime is her favourite period.

She’s a teammate of GG having numerous male admirers.

YA can’t swim.

YA enjoys playing bowling.

Yoonah enjoys making food.

YA works at Hyori’s Homestay right now.

Yoonah claims that if she weren’t a singer, YA might be a professional chef because YA loves to cook.

IYA seems more at ease in the acting profession compared to S&D singing & dancing.

YA earned the moniker “CF Queen” mainly a result of her numerous ads on television.

YA practises pilates.

Professional life:

YA was chosen for the 2002 SM Sat Open Casting Audition.

YA received lessons in singing, dancing, & acting over the course of the following 5 years after passing the test.

In 2007, IYA made her SNSD début.

Around 2007, she formally joined Girls’ Generation.

YA made her acting début in 2007.

Only 1 year afterward did she receive her initial starring part. The play You’re My Destiny featured her as the lead.

Ratings for this play from 2008 were extremely high. Additionally, it increased the actress’s notoriety.

YA is part of the GG dancing trio.

Girls’ Generation rose to prominence as 1 of Kpop’s biggest band worldwide.

YA is the head of the OH!GG subunit of the band.

YA is a soloist singer & actress from South Korea signed to SM Ent.

“When the Wind,” (WTW) her very first solo track, came out in Sep 2017.

IYA is regarded as the CF Queen & has performed numerous advertisements.

With the well-known cosmetics firm Innisfree, yoonah served on an endorsement.

YA net worth is thought to be $20 million.

YA was chosen by the government’s Ministry of Culture, + Sports, & Tourism to serve as a representative in 2019.

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Yoona boyfriend:

It came to light back in 2014 that Yoonah actually had been dating/relationship with Lee Seunggi around in Sep 2013.

Although their representation was declared on Aug 13, 2015, claiming despite their hectic schedules, the couple ended their relationship & were now just friends.

However, lately their is another dating speculation regarding Yoonah dating Junho. However, their companies denies that speculations.

Yoona ideal type:

My father comes to mind when you mention a good guy. However, in whatever circumstance, he maintained his calmness & soothed others with consideration. Can I also hope for such ‘consideration’ from the good man in the entire world?

Im Yoona Dramas

Planners Capital + Role: Support

King the Land + Year: 2023 + Channel: JTBC + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

Big Mouth + Year: 2022 + Channel: MBC + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

Hush + Year: 2020 + Channel: JTBC + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

King in Love + Year: 2017 + Channel: MBC + Episodes: 40 + Role: Main

The K2 + Year: 2016 + Channel: tvN + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

Chinese Hero Zhao ZiLong + Year: 2016 + Episodes: 49 + Role: Main

My First Time + Year: 2015 + Channel: OnStyle + Episodes: 8 + Role: Guest

Summer Love + Year: 2015 + Episodes: 2 + Role: Main

Prime Minister & I + Year: 2013 + Channel: KBS2 + Episodes: 17 + Role: Main

Love Rain + Year: 2012 + Channel: KBS2 + Episodes: 20 + Role: Main

Cinderella Man + Year: 2009 + Channel: MBC + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

U Are My Destiny + Year: 2008 + Channel: KBS + Episodes: 178 + Role: Main

Heavenly Beauty + Year: 2008 + Channel: MBC + Episodes: 52 + Role: Guest

2Outs in Ninth Inning + Year: 2007 + Channel: MBC + Episodes: 16 + Role: Support


Goodbye Ani + Role: Main

2 O’clock Date + Year: 2022 + Role: Main

Confidential Assignment 2 + Year: 2022 + Role: Main

Year-End Medley + Year: 2021 + Role: Main

Miracle + Year: 2021 + Role: Main

Confidential Assignment + Year: 2017 + Role: Support

SMTOWN The Stage + Year: 2015 + Role: Main

I Am + Year: 2012 + Role: Main

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