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Kang Minhyuk Profile, Girlfriend, Ideal Type, Interesting Facts, Dramas & More
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Kang Minhyuk Profile

Stage ireum : Minhyuk

In Korean: 민혁

Real ireum: Kang Min Hyuk

In Korean: 강민혁

Min Position: Drummer, Vocalist

Min Birthdate: June 28, 1991

KMH Zodiac sign: Cancer

KMH Chinese Star: Tiger

KMH Profession: Singer & Actor

KMH Height: 6’0″

KMH Weight: 60kg

KMH Blood Type: A



KMH MILITARY SERVICE PERIOD: 31 Jul, 2018 till 19 Mar, 2020

KMH Education: Digital Seoul (DS) Culture Art University

KMH Instagram: @mr_kanggun

KMH TikTok: mr.kangminhyuk


Facts about Kang Minhyuk

Early life of Kang Minhyuk:

In 1991, Min was born in SK, Chulsandong.

Since his parents moved to Ilsan shortly after Min was born, Min regarded Ilsan as his native place.

Min was the family’s youngest kid & their favourite.

Kang Minhyuk did well in school and received above-average grades.

When he was a child, the music captured his attention particularly.

He picked up his love of music via his mom, she was a passionate music lover too. She taught Min the piano & the flute, & Min relished classical music.

However, as Min grew older, his preferences in music began to change after his introduction to the popular American band called Maroon5, & Min began to dream of starting a band that would be equally successful as Maroon5. Min made some great buddies who had to be perfect musicians.

Min viewed them on stage & recognized that he was meant to follow in their footsteps. As a consequence, he intensified his musical studies.

Min played football for a squad in middle school.

Hobbies, specialties, likes & dislikes:

Following hearing Maroon5, he developed a liking for band music.

So, in Japan, Min is commonly referred to as Min Hyo Ku.

Minhyuk is romantic & has an abundance of dating knowledge, covering where to hang out + where to have dinner, etc.

Kang Minhyuk’s father teaches drums. So, he learned drumming from his father.

Min is a lover of food, & claims that anytime he is unhappy, he consumes large meals & afterward goes on a strict diet for the following few days to maintain his body weight.

He’s the person who does the most cleaning. The entire time CNBLUE was in country Japan, Min kept the place clean.

Min luckiest digit is “1.”

Kang Minhyuk girlfriend:

During his 1st year back in high school, Min got his 1st girlfriend. They split during his third year. However, he has been seeing her for almost a year.

Though neither party has confirmed it, Minhyuk’s name seems to be widely associated with Jung Hyesung, similar to the majority of South Korean performers.

Is Kang Minhyuk single or in relationship:

Right now, Kang Minhyuk is single.

Kang Minhyuk Ideal type:

Kim So Hyun, (KSH) she’s an actress, was Minhyuk’s ideal type, though he claims to change his preferred ideal types frequently. Prior to that, Lee Minjung remained his ideal type.

However, the ideal type, according to Minhyuk, is intense, + emotional, courageous, & authoritative.

Professional career:

So, back when the moment came to choose a career path, Min decided on law & began preparing for the legal profession. But he ended up forming a band.

Min gathered a couple of his musician buddies, & formed the rock team/band officially called CNBLUE with Min as drummer.

He’s a musician, + singer, & actor began his professional journey playing drums with the rock group called CNBLUE.

Furthermore, the band was established in 2009, & their musical career was launched thereafter with the launch of their initial mini album, called “Now or Never.”

Later, with Min’s 2010 movie Acoustic, Min then made his screen debut. Following that year, Min portrayed his role in soap “It’s Okh, Daddy’s Girl.”

Min enlisted around July 31, back in 2018, however, because of coronavirus prevention measures, Min received his discharge early around the third of March, 2020.

Furthermore, in various dramas, notably “It’s Okh, Daddy’s Girl” + “Heartstrings” + “The Heirs” + “Entertainer” & “Hospital Ship” Min portrayed the role.

Kang Minhyuk Dramas

Celebrity + Channel: Netflix + Year: 2023 + Ep: 12 + Role: Main

Oh! Master + Channel: MBC + Year: 2021 + Ep: 16 + Role: Main

Not Yet 30 + Channel: KakaoTV + Year: 2021 + Ep: 15 + Role: Main

Hospital Ship + Channel: MBC + Year: 2017 + Ep: 40 + Role: Main

School 2017 + Channel: KS2 + Year: 2017 + Ep: 16 + Role: Guest

Entertainer + Channel: SBS + Year: 2016 + Ep: 18 + Role: Main

The Heirs + Channel: SBS + Year: 2013 + Ep: 20 + Role: Support

My Husband Got aFamily + Channel: KBS2 + Year: 2012 + Ep: 58+ Role: Main

Heartstrings + Channel: MBC + Year: 2011 + Ep: 15 + Role: Support

It’s Okh, Daddy’s Girl + Channel: SBS + Year: 2010 + Ep: 17 + Role: Support

CNBLUETORY + Year: 2010 + Ep: 5 + Role: Main


Havana + Year: 2022 + Role: Main

Princess & the Matchmaker + Year: 2018 + Role: Support

I Am a Cat + Year: 2017 + Role: Main

Acoustic + Year: 2010 + Role: Support

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