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Kim Bum Profile, Girlfriend, Ideal Type, Interesting Facts, Dramas & More
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Kim Bum Profile

Stage Ireum: Kim Bum 

In Korean: 김범

Real Ireum: Kim Sang Bum 

In Korean: 김상범

KB Birthday: 7th of July, 1989

KB Birth City: Seoul

Birth Country: South Korea

KB Nationality: Korean

KB Zodiac Star: Cancer

KB Height: 5’11”

KB Weight: 66kg

KB Blood Group: O

KB Profession: Actor


KB Education: ChungAng University

KB Girlfriend Ireum: Moon Geun Young (Back in 2014) & Oh Yeon Seo (Back in 2018)

KB Instagram: @k.kbeom

KB Facebook: @kimbeom

KB Twitter: @actorkimbeom 

KB Tiktok: kimbeom_official

KB Fancafe: Daum.net

Facts about Kim Bum

Kim Bum early life:

= In Seoul city, Bum was born.

= So, in his Family, mum + Father, 1 Brother & 1 Sister included.

= Bum’s younger sister actually born in 1992.

= Bum baptismal ireum is Yohan in English John, & he’s a Catholic.

= Bum received his bachelor’s degree from ChungAng University’s (CAU) acting faculty.

= Bum spent an entire year in the Australian city of Sydney back when Bum was about 6 years old.

= Bum made the decision to go into acting in his final year during middle school.

= Following visiting a film awards ceremony where actors congratulated one another on their triumph, he felt overawed.

Professional life:

= He’s a singer, + dancer, actor, & model.

= Plus Bum is under (SE) Starship Entertainment (KK) King Kong.

= KB’s career as an entertainer/actor began in 2006 via the (SSA) Survival Star Audition.

= KB placed 6th among thousands of competitors.

= He originally came to the attention of the general public in 2006 via the hit sitcom called “Unstoppable High Kick.”

= However, Bum was chosen to play 1 of the F4 guys in the blockbuster serial “Boys Over Flowers” (BOF) during 2009.

= This serial enabled Bum to gain an immense amount of popularity both domestically & throughout Asia.

= Following the series premiere, he was even ranked as the female number 1 favourite actor.

= In recognition of the success of that drama, Bum received 9 advertisement contracts in 2009 solo.

= Following seeing a dip in his professional life, “Tale of NineTailed’ & ‘Law School’ helped bring his popularity back into the public eye.

= He had a number of commercially failed projects, yet bum acting has consistently garnered favourable reviews.

= Bum also enlisted as a formal public servant from April 2018 till March 2020 since he had a genetic illness.

= Bum was very active during 2012 till 2015 across China & Japan.

Kim Bum hobbies, specialties, friends, likes & dislikes & more:

= He’s pro at sports, particularly football.

= Bum excels at soccer, where he served as team’s captain.

= Bum had classes in kendo, taekwondo, + skiing, & swimming as a kid.

= Although Kim Bum’s dad urged him to work hard in school, however, his mother was pleased with Bum for doing well in every sport.

= Around the age of 19, Kim Bum shared his 1st kiss in the doorway of the home of his that time girlfriend.

= Bum acknowledged being an eloquent speaker.

= Bum was hurt twice while shooting “Boys Over Flower.”

= Regarding his part in the soap “Boys Over Flowers,” so, Bum studied tennis, golf, + horseback riding, shooting, + ceramics, saxophone, & various other sports.

= Kim Bum is an INTJ according to the MBTI.

= He’s well known for appearing younger than he actually is.

= He speaks English well.

= Bum was a rather intelligent kid when he was in class.

= Bum succeeded in placing eighth in class during that moment despite having an intense workload shooting “High Kick.”

= When Bum was back in middle school, numerous agencies have been interested in him.

= Many of his admirers say they think he looks like a desert fox.

= So, as an actor, bum main ambition is to become a professional actor who is not frightened by change & challenge.

= Bum dislikes sweets, ramyun, + pineapple on pizza, & mint-chocolate flavor ice cream.

= Plus, Kim Bum is actually a strong drinker.

= So, when Bum was just 5 years old, bum began piano lessons.

= According to KB, bum’s “eye smile” looks similar to his mother’s.

= So, Lee Min Ho & Jung Il Woo, both are Bum’s closest buddies.

= As a consequence of his extreme weight loss during his part in the soap “Padam Padam,” so, Kim Bum developed osteoarthritis.

= Bum loves the tvN entertainment program called “Amazing Saturday,” also known as “Doremi Market.”

= Bum, sing several OSTs.

= Bum appears to look like Ryota Ozawa & ex-Super Junior member namely, Kim Ki Bum.

Kim Bum illness:

= So, in his early twenties, Bum experienced degenerative arthritis, which was made public in 2018 via his management company. Bum afterward took time off from work to visit the healthcare center for his medical treatment.

Kim Bum Girlfriend:

= During 2013, bum spent/dating approx. seven months with the Korean actress, namely Moon Geun Young.

= Later, bum-dated actress, namely Oh Yeon Seo back in March 2018, although the 2 separated the following year.

Who is Kim Bum Wife?

= Actually, currently, he’s single.

Kim Bum Ideal Type:

= Bum mentioned that he prefers short, & cute lady who’re expressive of plenty of aegyo. Also, she needs to understand me plus who understands my profession.

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Kim Bum Dramas

Tale of NineTailed S3 + Year: 2023 + Channel: tvN + Episode: 10 + Role: Main

Tale of the NineTailed 1938 + Year: 2023 + Channel: tvN + Episodes: 12 + Role: Main

Ghost Doctor + Year: 2022 + Channel: tvN + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

Law School + Year: 2021 + Channel: JTBC + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

Tale of the NineTailed + Year: 2020 + Channel: tvN + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

Mrs. Cop 2 + Year: 2016 + Channel: SBS + Episodes: 20 + Role: Main

Hidden Identity + Year: 2015 + Channel: tvN + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

Goddess of Fire + Year: 2015 + Channel: MBC + Episodes: 32 + Role: Main

V Love + Year: 2014 + Episode: 40 + Role: Main

Winter, Wind Blows + Year: 2013 + Channel: SBS + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

High Kick! 3 + Year: 2011 + Channel: MBC + Episodes: 123 + Role: Guest

Padam Padam + Year: 2011 + Channel: JTBC + Episodes: 20 + Role: Main

Still, Marry me + Year: 2010 + Channel: MBC + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

Dream + Year: 2009 + Channel: SBS + Episodes: 20 + Role: Main

High Kick! 2 + Year: 2009 + Channel: MBC + Episodes: 126 + Role: Guest

Boys Over Flowers + Year: 2009 + Channel: KBS2 + Episodes: 25 + Role: Main

East of Eden + Year: 2008 + Channel: MBC + Episodes: 56 + Role: Support

High Kick! + Year: 2006 + Channel: MBC + Episodes: 167 + Role: Support

Rude Women + Year: 2006+ Channel: MBC + Episodes: 18 + Role: Support

Kim Bum Movies

Detective K + Year: 2018 + Role: Support

The Beloved + Year: 2015 + Role: Main

Lovers & Movies + Year: 2015 + Role: Main

Young Detective Dee + Year: 2013 + Role: Support

The Gifted Hands + Year: 2013 + Role: Main

Fly High + Year: 2009 + Role: Main

Death Bell + Year: 2008 + Role: Main

Hellcats + Year: 2008 + Role: Support

Variety Programs

Come to Play + Ep: 147 & 148

Jipijigi + Ep: 3

Radio Star + Ep: 59

Change + Ep: 25

SangSangPlus + Ep: 214

Infinite Challenge + Ep: 117

Intern Challenge + Ep: 2009


It Travel

Doremi Market

Life Album – Yesterday + Ep: 8

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