May 28, 2024
Kim Ji Woong Profile, Interesting Facts And Much More
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Kim Ji Woong Profile, Interesting Facts And Much More everything you want to know about!

About Kim JiWoong

Name In English: Kim Ji Woong

Plus Korean: 김지웅

His Height: 181cm about (5’11”)

His Sign: Sagittarius

Language: Korean

Birthdate: 14th of December, 1998

Woong Chinese Star Sign: Tiger

His Blood Group: AB

His Weight: 65kg

Woong Instagram Acc: @official_kimjiwoong

Woong Japanese IG: @kimjiwoong_jp

Woong TikTok Acc: @official_kimjiwoo

(YT) YouTube Channel called: 김지웅그리고

Kim JiWoong Korean Profile

김지웅 Kim Ji woong profile

Facts About Kim Ji Woong

1. Woong had been also a trainee for approximately 7 years.

2. Then Woong debuted as an artist singer back in 2016, INX group.

3. Later, INX disbanded back in 2017.

4. Woong was formerly a part of the ATEEN, although, who’s pre-debut band back in 2019.

5. Woong unique abilities include freestyle shoulder dancing plus to any music plus “Love Yourself” vocal impressions.

6. Woong once had a goal to be a successful singer however his family opposed him. He ultimately began acting to win their confidence.

7. Woong’s acting career started back in 2021 via a serial namely “The Sweet Blood.”

8. He was inspired by artist Lee ByungHun and hopes to take on such an exciting thrilling action project in the future.

9. Woong believes it fits the action category because he is adept at using his physique dynamically.

10. Woong also participated in both China plus Taiwan Fashion Weeks (CTFW) as a runway model.

11. Woong occasionally learns that because he appears serious and stylish, Woong’s initial impression is arrogant.

12. But in real life, Woong enjoys making jokes and talking when he gets to know a person.

13. In addition to holding an exhibition, KJW wishes to establish a dance studio.

14. Woong rode his bicycle 400 kilometers from Wonju all the way to Busan and returned.

15. Woong enjoys cycling.

16. In Wonju, KJW was a talented go expert.

17. At a nationwide inline skating competition, Woong came in 3rd.

18- He becomes a part or member of a band, namely ZB1 (ZEROBASEONE) in 2023.

19- He ranked top 8 in Boys Planet.

Kim Ji Woong ideal type:

So according to him his ideal type: ———

Kim Ji Woong Dramas List

His all dramas list is below!

1. “Kissable Lips Part 2” [coming up]

2. “Pro Teen”

3. “Convenience Store Junkies”

4. “Don’t Lie Rahee”

5. “Roommates of Poongduck204”

6. “Kissable Lips”

7. “The Sweet Blood”

Kim Ji Woong Films List

Movies List!

1. “The Recon”

2. “Kissable lips” [film]

Kim Ji Woong Performance

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