Kim Gyuvin Profile, Interesting Facts & More

Kim Gyuvin Profile and Interesting Facts

Kim Gyuvin Profile and Interesting Facts & more read here!

About Kim Gyuvin

Name In English: Kim Gyu vin

In Korean: 김규빈

Birth: 30th of August, 2004

His Star: Virgo

KGV Chinese Sign: Monkey

KGV Height: 182cm about 6’0″

KGV Nationality: Korean

KGV Korean Profile

김규빈 Kim Gyuvin Profile and Interesting Facts

Facts about Kim Gyuvin

Back in 26 Dec 2022, Gyuvin made his public appearance as a member of (SB) “Shiny Boys”.

KGV also partakes in “Boys Planet” which is Mnet program.

MBTI type of Gyuvin is ENFP

Kai, San, plus Hongjoong these all are KGV role models

He’s a trainee of (YE) Yuehua Entertainment.

KGV has been compared to Minhee from Cravity by people.

Also, his peer remarked that he has a lovely smile.

When someone questioned which bodily parts he is most confident in, he listed his arms, legs, plus nose, also mouth.

He attends the (AHS) Apgujeong High School.

His Nicknames are Kkokdari, Joom.

Playing video games is Vin’s hobby.

Gyuvin trained for three years & eleven months.

He becomes a part or member of a band, namely ZB1 (ZEROBASEONE) in 2023.

He ranked top 7 in Boys Planet.

Gyuvin Performance

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