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Kim Kwon Profile, Girlfriend, Ideal Type, Interesting Facts, Dramas & More
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Emerging as a notable talent in South Korea’s vibrant entertainment landscape, Kim Kwon has carved a niche for himself through a blend of compelling performances and versatile roles. Renowned for his dynamic presence both on-screen and in modeling, he has consistently demonstrated his flair in various genres, ranging from intense dramas to heartwarming series. With a career that began in 2011, Kim Kwon profile has been steadily rising, marked by his participation in critically acclaimed works and a growing recognition within the industry. His artistic journey, marked by a dedication to his craft, makes him a distinguished figure in the realm of South Korean acting.

Kim Kwon Profile

Stage Ireum: Kim Kwon

In Korean: 김권

Birth Ireum: Kim Keon Woo 

In Korean: 김건우

Nick Name: Kim + Mr. Woo + Keonwoo

Kwon Birthdate: 16th of May, 1989

Keon Woo Birthplace: Seoul

Country: South Korea

Keon Woo Homeland: Seoul, South Korea

Keon Woo Zodiac Star: Taurus

Keon Woo Height: 183 cm approx.

Keon Woo Height: 6’0″

Keon Woo Weight: 68 kg approx.

Keon Woo Blood Group: –

Education: Dongguk University – Dep of Theatre

Keon Woo Nationality: Korean

Profession of Keon Woo: Actor + Model & Social Media Influencer

Keon Woo Instagram Account: @_____ripley

Keon Woo Inyeon Profile: Kim Kwon

YouTube Account: – 

Twitter Account: – 

TikTok Account: –

Facebook Account: –

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Interesting Facts about Kim Kwon

Early life:

= Keon Woo was actually born in Seoul.  

= Keon Woo’s homeland is in South Korea.

= Keon Woo’s family consists of a mum, a dad, & 1 younger sister.

= Keon studied theatre at Dongkuk University.

= He finished his education at a reputable school located in his home city. 

= He actually was an enthusiastic admirer of films & television during his time at school. 

= He also took part in a lot of school plays and performances.

= So back then one of his instructors gave him career guidance after he graduated from school to pursue acting & modelling. 

= After that, he decided to pursue an acting degree on the advice of the instructor & enrolled in the available theatre department located at Dongguk University.

Professional life / career:

= Kwon is an actor.

= Kwon is presently under Inyeon Entertainment. 

= Kwon debuted back in 2013 & debuted via the film namely, “Days of Wrath.”

= Kim is best recognised for starring in namely, Secret Love Affair +  Cheo Yong 2  +  Sweet, Savage Family + 2nd to Last Love, & He is Psychometric.

= The following year, he obtained the opportunity to put his skills on the films called, Days of Wrath & Into the Flames. 

= Furthermore, he additionally contributed to both of the well-liked television shows “Secret Love Affair” & Only Love.

Net worth:

= $1 million to approx. $5 million is maybe the total net worth of Kwon in 2023.

Kim Kwon girlfriend:

= Kwon is quite reserved. He chose to keep his relationship a secret.

= When a fan questioned him in a discussion about his love life situation, Kwon responded in a humorous way. He claimed that while he might or might not be single.

= According to certain rumors, he is seeing his buddy.

Is Kim Kwon married?

= However, he has never made this official. Kwon is therefore considered still unmarried & single.

Kim Kwon ideal type:

= Kwon ideal type person is not specified yet.

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Kim Kwon Dramas

= Destined with You + Korean Ireum: Yi Yeonaeneun Bulgahangryeok + Year: 2023 + Channel: JTBC + Ep: + Role: Support

= The Killing Vote + Korean: Ireum: Kookminsahyungtopyo + Year: 2023 + Ep: 12 + Channel: SBS + Role: Support

= Rookie Cops + Korean: Ireum: Neowa Naui Gyeongchalsooeob + Year: 2022 + Ep: 16 + Channel: Disney+ + Role: Guest

= Thirty Nine + Korean: Ireum: Seoreun, Ahop + Year: 2022 + Ep: 12 + Channel: JTBC + Role: Guest

= Navillera + Korean: Ireum: – + Year: 2021 + Ep: 12 + Channel: tvN + Role: Support

= Leverage + Korean: Ireum: Sagijojakdan + Year: 2019 + Ep: 16 + Channel: TV Chosun + Role: Main

= He is Psychometric + Korean: Ireum: Saikometeuri Geunyeoseok + Year: 2019 + Ep: 16 + Channel: tvN + Role: Main

= Marry Me Now? + Korean: Ireum: Gachi Salraeyo + Year: 2018 + Ep: 50 + Channel: KBS2 + Role: Support

= Witch at Court + Korean: Ireum: Manyeoui Bubjung + Year: 2017 + Ep: 16 + Channel: KBS2 + Role: Support

= Manhole + Korean: Ireum: – + Year: 2017 + Ep: 16 + Channel: KBS2 + Role: Support

= Criminal Mind + Year: 2017 + Ep: 20 + Channel: – + Role: Guest

= Voice + Korean: Ireum: – + Year: 2017 + Ep: 16 + Channel: OCN + Role: Guest

= Way to Airport + Korean: Ireum: Gonghang Ganeun Gil + Year: 2016 + Ep: 16 + Channel: KBS2 + Role: Support

= 2nd to Last Love + Korean: Ireum: Kkeutaeseo Doobunjjae Sarang + Year: 2016 + Ep: 20 + Channel: SBS + Role: Support

= My Sweet Family + Korean: Ireum: Dalkomsalbul Paemilri + Year: 2015 + Ep: 16 + Channel: MBC + Role: Support

= Cheo Yong2: Paranormal Detective + Korean: Ireum: Gwishin Boneun Hyeongsa + Year: 2015 + Ep: 10 + Channel: OCN + Role: Support

= HeardIt Through the Grapevine + Korean: Ireum: Poongmooneuro Deuleotso + Year: 2015 + Ep: 30 + Channel: SBS + Role: Support

= Only Love + Korean: Ireum: Poongmooneuro Deuleotso + Year: 2014 + Ep: 123 + Channel: SBS + Role: Guest

= Into the Flames + Korean: Ireum: Boolkkotsokeuro + Year: 2014 + Ep: 20 + Channel: TV Chosun + Role: Guest

= Secret Affair + Korean: Ireum: Milhwe + Year: 2014 + Ep: 16 + Channel: JTBC + Role: Support

= The Heirs + Korean Ireum: – + Year: 2013 + Channel: – + Ep: + Role: Guest

= Thorn Flower + Korean Ireum: – + Year: 2013 + Channel: – + Ep: + Role: Support

= Me Too Flower + Korean Ireum: – + Year: 2011 + Channel: – + Ep: + Role: Support

= Glory Jane + Korean Ireum: – + Year: 2011 + Channel: – + Ep: + Role: Guest


= Unforgettable + Korean: Ireum: Soonjung + Year: 2016 + Channel: – + Role: Support

= Days of Wrath + Korean: Ireum: Eungjingja + Year: 2013 + Channel: – + Role: Support

= Pluto + Korean: Ireum: Myungwangsung + Year: 2013 + Channel: – + Role: Support

= Mai Ratima + Korean: Ireum: – + Year: 2013 + Channel: – + Role: Support


= 2018 (KBSDA) KBS Drama Awards – Back in Dec 31

= Best New Actor (BNA) for play “Marry Me Now?”

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Kim Kwon married?

Kwon has not publicly disclosed his marital status, but he is considered to be single.

How can fans follow Kim Kwon on Instagram?

Fans can follow Kwon on Instagram at his handle @_____ripley.

What role did Kim Kwon play in ‘He is Psychometric’?

In “He’s Psychometric,” KimKwon had a main role, showcasing his versatile acting skills.

Have Kim Kwon and Lee Jong Suk worked together?

There is no public record of Kwon & Lee Jong Suk working together in film or television projects.

In which project did Kim Kwon feature in ‘Voice’? 

Kwon appeared as a guest in one of the television programs called “Voice” in 2017.

What are some notable movies and TV shows Kim Kwon has appeared in?

Kwon’s notable works comprise “Secret Love Affair,” plus “He is Psychometric,” & “Leverage.

Does Kim Kwon have a sister?

Kwon’s clan includes his parents & one younger sister.

What was Kim Kwon’s role in ‘The Heirs’?

Kwon had a (GR) guest role in the play “The Heirs,” a widespread Korean drama.

How old is Kim Kwon?

Born on 1989, Kwon is presently 34 years old.

What is Kim Kwon’s Stage Name?

Kwon, a celebrated South Korean actor, is professionally known by his stage name, Kim Kwon.

What is Kim Kwon’s Birth Name?

Born as Kim Keon woo, he later adopted the stage name Kwon for his professional endeavors.

What are Kim Kwon’s Nicknames?

Kwon is affectionately called Kim, & Mr. Woo, plus Keonwoo by his fans and peers.

When was Kim Kwon Born?

Kwon celebrated his birth on May 16, marking his entry into the world.

Where is Kim Kwon’s Birthplace?

The vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea, is where Kwon was born also raised.

What is Kim Kwon’s Zodiac Sign?

Born under the Taurus zodiac sign, Kwon exemplifies many of its traits.

How Tall is Kim Kwon?

Kwon stands tall at approximately 183 cm, a commanding presence in any setting.

What is Kim Kwon’s Weight?

He maintains a weight of around 68 kg, balancing his height with a fit physique.

Where did Kim Kwon Study?

Kwon honed his artistic skills at Dongguk Uni, majoring in Theatre.

What is Kim Kwon’s Nationality?

A proud South Korean national, Kwon represents his country in the global ent industry.

What Professions Does Kim Kwon Engage in?

Besides acting, Kwon also excels as a model plus a social media influencer, showcasing his versatility.

Can You Tell Me About Kim Kwon’s Early Life?

Kwon’s early life in Seoul was filled with a deep admiration for films and television, plus he actively participated in school plays, which eventually led him to chase a career in acting & modeling.

How Did Kim Kwon Begin His Professional Career?

Kwon’s acting journey initiated in 2013 with the film known as “Days of Wrath”, also kwon is known for parts in plays “Secret Love Affair”, also “He is Psychometric”, & many more.

What is Kim Kwon’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Kwon’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Is Kim Kwon in a Relationship?

Kwon keeps his personal life private, humorously evading questions about his relationship status, leading to speculations about his love life.

What is Kim Kwon’s Marital Status?

Kwon is currently unmarried and is considered to be single.

Has Kim Kwon Disclosed His Ideal Type?

Kwon has not publicly specified his ideal type in a partner.

What Are Some Notable Dramas Kim Kwon Has Acted In?

Kim Kwon’s acting portfolio contains “Destined with You”, plus “The Killing Vote”, plus “Rookie Cops”, “Navillera”, also many more, showcasing his diverse acting skills.

What Movies Has Kim Kwon Appeared In?

Kim Kwon’s filmography comprises “Unforgettable”, also “Days of Wrath”, “Pluto”, & “Mai Ratima”, where he mostly recreated supporting roles.

What Awards Has Kim Kwon Received?

In 2018, Kwon was honored with the (BNA) Best New Actor (A) award at the (da) KBS Drama Awards yes, for his role in called “Marry Me Now?”

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