May 28, 2024
Moon Jongup Profile, Interesting Facts, His Ideal Type
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Moon Jongup Profile

Stage ireum: Jongup

In Korean: 종업

Full ireum: Moon Jongup

In Korean: 문종업

MJU Nationality: Korean

MJU Birth: Feb 6, 1995

MJU Star: Aquarius

Jongup Chinese Star: Pig

MJU Height: 174cm in feet 5’9′′

MJU Blood Group: B

MJU Weight: 66kg

Official Fan Colours of MJU: Royal Blue plus Black

MJU Twitter acc: @jongup_official

MJU IG acc: @moonjongyeup

MJU Fan Café: moonjongyeup

MJU VLive: JongUp

MJU TikTok: @moonjongup

Fandom Name of MJU: Moonw4lk

Moon Jongup performance Fan Cam: ‘Bad’ by Cristopher

Facts about Jongup

Early life of Moon Jong Up:

1- Jongup’s birthplace is Seongnam, Gyeonggi, country South Korea.

2- M.J.U. has 2 elder brothers, mom & dad.

3- Moon did his early education at Sunae Middle School (SMS) & Hanlim MultiArt School (HMAS).

4- During moon’s senior year of high school, Jongup developed a passion for dancing.

5- Jongup found solace in dancing, so he began to pursue it & even entered competitions. He was enthralled by what he experienced on stage as well as decided to pursue a career as a dancer & singer.

Moon Jongup ideal type, skills, hobbies, friends, like & dislikes:

6- Moon’s ideal type or preference is a mature girl who shares the same enthusiasm for anime.

7- In a few of his individual tracks, including “Now” plus “Try My Luck,” jongup has displayed his rapping skills.

8- Dancing, plus shoe shopping, also listening best songs these are three moon hobbies.

9- Zelo was one of the band’s B.A.P. teammates, moon most closest to him.

10- Moon is the public image & model of the apparel brand, namely PARACIA.

11- Moon came in at number 5 on the ranking among the 41 (forty-one) Hottest Men worldwide.

12- MJU’s favourite foods are raw/uncooked meat & hamburgers.

13- Moon truly loves McDonald’s.

14- Jongup enjoys anime, dancing, also hip-hop, plus R&B, a lot.

15- Black is the moon’s favourite colour.

16- (CB) Chris Brown is 1 of mju’s main musical inspirations and hero/ role model.

17- Moon once shared or lived in a dorm/room with a member, namely, Youngjae, and was responsible for doing chores like washing dishes.

18- MJU’s admirers questioned whether he required myopia glasses or contacts because he frequently squinted his eyes.

Jongup acting career:

19- Back on the month in April 27, 2019, marked his 1st acting début.

20- MJU was chosen to take on the role of adolescent Donghyuk in the one play/ program called “The Lost Village.”

Moon Jongup dancing & singing career:

21- Before B.A.P. début, moon made appearances in music videos, namely, “Shy Boy,” plus “Starlight Moonlight” also “Never Give Up.”

22- MJU was an earlier part of the TS Ent. -formed band called B.A.P. full form of the group is (Best Absolute Perfect).

23- Moon went to an agency, T.S. Entertainment (T.S.E.), for an audition, & eventually was chosen to be a teammate of a brand-new male group at that moment.

24- Moon was the group’s primary dancer & lead singer.

25- From 26th Jan 2012, onward 18th Feb 2019, finally, in the end, when the moon’s contract with (T.S.E.) T.S. Entertainment ended, & MJU made the decision not to extend it.

26- Later, in the month of April 2019, MJU attended Daehyun’s Japanese (F.M.) fanmeeting in the city of Tokyo as well as Osaka.

Moon Jong Up Solo début:

27- Jongup made his solo début back on May 7, 2020.

28- He made his solo début on May 7 in 2020, with the release of his debut album, namely “Headache.”

29- South Korean singer & dancer & and actor- a soloist moon is under (B.O.) Big Ocean E.N.M. since 2020 in Dec.

30- Moon became a solo artist for The (G.C.) Groove Company back on 21 Nov 2019, which later in 2020 combined with other agencies to become Big Ocean E.N.M.

31- Moon participated in the auditions/ participant [Jay Park’s (J.P.) company AOMG’s] show called “Sign here”; however, he was eventually eliminated in the 2nd round of the show.

32- Moon was confirmed to be in a famous program called “Peak Time” competitor on Feb 15, 2023.

33- He’s a teammate of namely, “999 Squad,” a group of that also includes Hyunbin (ex-JBJ), Suwoong, as well as Newsun (Sonamoo).

34- MJU starred in the single called “R.E.M.” by Jun CurryAhn.

Mon Jongup ideal type:

his ideal type: ——-

Moon Jongup Film

Idol Recipe

Moon Jong Up shows


Peak Time (PT)

Sign Here (SH)

BAP Untact Life (BAPUL)

One Fine Day (BAPOFD)

BAP Attack (BAPA)

Tadah! it’s BAP (TIBAP)


Infinite Challenge (IC)

Weekly Idol (WI)

After School Club (ASC)

Buzz Rhythm (BR)

Idol Battle Likes (IBL)

Midnight Idol (MI)

Aiki Thumbs up (ATU) & more

Full Performance Dance C: Bad by Cristopher

Solo performance:  ‘Anyone’ by SVT.

facts source: kprofiles

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