May 28, 2024
Lee Hangyul Profile, Interesting Facts, Dramas
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Hangyul Profile

Stage Ireum: Hangyul

In Korean: 한결

Full Ireum: Lee Han Gyul

In Korean: 이한결

LHG Nationality: Korean

Birth of LHG: 7th of Dec 1999

Gyul Star: Sagittarius

LHG Company: MBK Entertainment

Gyul Position: Dancer, & Vocalist

LHG Blood Group: O

LHG Chinese Star: Rabbit

LHG Height: 176cm in feet 5’9″

TitTok acc: @hangyul_99

Facts about Hangyul

Childhood/Early Life of Lee Han Gyul:

1- NamdongGu, Incheon, a city in South Korea, was the birthplace of the LHG.

2- He was, unfortunately, abandoned when he was born, however, later he was adopted by a family at the age of seven.

3- He had undergone surgery back then when his age was about 6 or 7 years after getting his hand trapped in a door while playing with a buddy.

4- His family consists of mum, dad, 2 elder siblings (brothers).

5- He was a pupil at (IHS) Incheon High School.

6- His both elder hyungs who’re respectively, 15 & 16 years in age, elder than him.

7- Made the decision to pursue singing in order to return favors to his own family plus close friends.

Shows & participations:

8- He took part in a show called “The Unit.”

9- Ballad singer namely, Lee Woo, also IMFACT’s Jeup, plus IM’s Kijoong, also BIGFLO’s Euijin, lastly, BIGSTAR’s Feeldog they are all friends with Gyul. They all participated in The Unit competition.

10- Shannon’s return stage, called, “Hello,” featured LHG as a performer/dancer.

11- He’s part of the team called “IM” as well.

12- He appeared in “Black Heart” promotional content back in June 2018 alongside Hwang Jungha, Jueun from DIA, as well as Anne from S.I.S.

13- He’s the team’s primary dancer, singer, and visual performer.

14- He performed in TARA Jiyeon’s called, “Lullaby” as a supporting performer.

Hobbies, skills, likes & dislikes:

15- On gyul back, has 2 tattoos.

16- LHG’s stunning feature is his 8-pack.

17- His talents include dancing/performing and singing.

18- His preferred music is “In The Rain” sung by John Park.

19- LHG has difficulty seeing objects in the distance.

20- LHG’s habits include like, 1st wriggling his toes, 2nd speaking in his sleep, 3rd not always putting on footwear, 4rth sniffing clothing items.

21- He loved the blockbusters film the Avengers.

22- Most of all, he dislikes cicadas.

23- His ideal seasons are wintertime and fall.

24- The summer also springs both seasons are his least preferred for the reason of how much he sweats during those times & a lot of bugs in springtime.

25- LHG practiced karate for eight years before quitting.

26- LHG enjoys working out.

27- Gyul interests include basketball, & Taekwondo, plus viewing movies, additionally, bowling, & gymnastics.

28- LHG’s talents include spinning balls, acrobatics, also dancing.

29- LHG’s fave midnight meal is Chinese cuisine

30- He’s unable to consume spicy cuisine.

31- LHG loves black, & fluorescent yellow colours.

Lee Hangyul dramas

1- “Love In Black Hole” is his first drama in the year 2021.


His shows are below!


Peak Time

ProducerX 101

The Unit


Royal Comic

Idol House

Idol League 2

Lunch Attack & many others.


Hangyul x dohyun



Hangyul, dohyun XLieV

X1 flash

Hangyul performance Fan Cam: Bad by Cristopher

Full performance

Facts source: kpopprofiles

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