Park Gun Wook Facts, Interesting Profile And More

Park Gun Wook Facts, Interesting Profile

Park Gun Wook Facts, Interesting Profile And More everything you wish to read is here!”

About Park Gun Wook

Name: Park GunWook

In Korean: 박건욱

Birth: 10th of January 2005

Star: Capricorn

PGW Nationality: Korean

PGW Height: 184cm


Nicknames of PGW: Jjanggu, Bbakgun

Park Gunwook Boys Planet profile

박건욱 Park Gun Wook Facts, Interesting Profile

Park Gun Wook Facts

1- PGW trainee under (JFE) Jellyfish Entertainment.

2- In 2023, PGW completed secondary school.

3- Wook participation in the MBC survival program namely, Wild Idol made him famous.

4- He appears on the Boys Planet program.

5- In high school, PGW participated in the football game, debates, plus dance teams.

6- He can speak 2 languages 1st Korean, and 2nd English but a lil bit.

7- PGW served as the secondary school’s pupil vice president.

8- In a question, he responds that 1 thing he wishes for everyone is to be healthy.

9- PGW said when I’m anxious or trying to focus, I have a habit of biting my lips.

10- He said he eats food when he’s in a state of stress or anxiety.

11- Chris Brown & Jay Park are Gunwook role models.

12- PGW wants people to call him by nickname as Golden Maknae.

13- Action and suspense films are his favorite types of movies.

14- Jump rope is Wook skill.

15- High pitch is his specialty.

16- He also wishes to learn piano.

17- R&B plus jazz are the music styles he loves.

18- He loves to eat Chocolate ice cream.

19- He likes red color.

20- PGW is most confident about his eyebrows

21- He said he resembles an animal tiger.

22- PGW said his charm is his large hands plus big eyes.

23- Winter is wook’s favorite time.

24- He becomes a part or member of a band, namely ZB1 (ZEROBASEONE) in 2023.

25- He ranked top 5 in Boys Planet.

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Park Gunwook performance

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