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민규 Mingyu Profile, Interesting Fact, Ideal Type & More
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Mingyu Profile/ About

Stage ireum: Mingyu

In Korean: 민규

Real Ireum: Kim Mingyu 

In Korea: 김민규

Nicknames of KMG: Mr. Wristband, Technician, plus Mingyu Shop, & Kim-ssi ahjussi

KMG Birthday & year: 06 April 1997

Mingyu Birthplace: Anyangsi, Gyeonggido

Country: South Korea

KMG Zodiac sign: Aries

KMG Chinese Star: Ox

KMG Nationality: Korean

KMG Height: 6’1″ 

KMG Weight: 76kg

KMG Group: Seventeen

KMG Fandom ireum: Carat

KMG Blood Group: B

KMG Position: Lead Rapper plus Face of Band

KMG MBTI Type: ENTJ 2022 

KMG SubUnit: HipHop Team

KMG Instagram Acc: @min9yu_k

KMG Spotify list name: Mingyu’s healing list

Interesting Facts about Mingyu 

Early life/ family:

= KMG birthtown in (GD) Gyeonggido’s (AS) Anyangsi.

= KMG has a dad, mum, & 1 younger sister in his family.

= KMG’s sister named (KMS) Kim Minseo, she born in the year 2001.

= KMG has 2 Maltese puppies (MP), namely Aji & Bobpul.

= Additionally, Mr. Wristband, plus Technician, Mingyu Shop, & Kim-ssi Ahjussi these are only a few of his nicknames.

= Classmates from Mingyu’s primary school gave him the moniker Ggyu.

= KMG belongs to or member of the clan of Gwangsan Kim.

= During KMG’s second year of (ES) elementary school, KMG travelled to Cebu, Philippines (CP) with his dad.

= Since (PS) primary grade, KMG has played soccer. Indeed, his squad earned second at the (NCS) national championships.

= KMG arrived at school sixty min earlier each morning to go play soccer while KMG was in (ES) elementary school.

= KMG graduated from the school of (SBCHS) Seoul Broadcasting HighSchool & majored subject in (BCCM) Broadcasting Content Major.

= Kim regretted the primary school grad picture since his mom had just given him an extremely short haircut a few days prior.

= Kim’s birthname derives from the Korean words Min, referring to (PGS) “precious gemstone,” plus Gyu, which signifies “star.” He sparkles like a bright star & is a priceless gemstone.

= KMG won/ succeeded in a futsal match during his middle school years.

Hobbies, specialties, best friends, likes & dislikes:

= KMG is left-handed.

= Kim is the best cook.

= Mingyu has 2 moles. 1 on KMG left cheek 2nd is on his nose.

= KMG consumes the most food overall in the band.

= The team’s (seventeen) tallest guy is him.

= KMG attended a similar high school as (D&S) Dino & Seungkwan.

= Kim had worked in the past; as a temporary barista in a some coffee cafe.

= Mingyu rates himself as; the best #1 visual in (HHU) Hip Hop unit.

= Mingyu is terrified of bugs, plus park rides, & even ghosts.

= In their dorm, mingyu is the loudest roommate.

= He dislikes watching scary films.

= Mingyu is responsible for the team’s hairstyle. 

= KMG’s (KR) “Kart Rider” moniker is (MS) “Mingyu’s Shoulder.”

= He has the ability to fix things that are damaged. He modifies the internal layout of the dorm whenever he becomes bored there.

= According to Kim, he’s a tall boy with a dark complexion.

= Though he is tall, he also happens to be responsible for replacing the light bulbs.

= Mingyu was chosen as the most attractive guy by their team.

= Mingyu enjoys vacuuming and picking up the garbage in the dorm.

= Amongst the SEVENTEEN participants/ members, KMG served as the 4th-longest trainee.

= Also, the rest of the group selected him as the one whose appearance and personality don’t connect.

= Mingyu loves to play basketball, produce figures out of plastic, & playing soccer.

= KMG exercises each day.

= Mingyu sleeps alot; therefore, it’s difficult to get him up after he’s dozed off.

= He mentioned he normally sleeps having the light on, plus hugging a plushie & with music playing.

= During high school, KMG used to (PB) play bass.

= Since they have KMG; according to SCoups during (OFD) “One Fine Day,” however, they won’t run into any difficulties. Because KMG is capable of building a home for them, plus cook for them, plus catching fish for them.

= Mingyu frequently bites his fingernails.

= On Mingyu’s days off, he prefers to practise dancing, learn photography, plus painting, any foreign language & learn editing videos.

= Min serves as the cook, housekeeper, and handyman if something breaks, as reported by his fellows. He typically replaces the bulbs & whenever the light in the restroom goes out, he fixes it with a clothing hanger.

= Mingyu is a person that loves to make plans in advance.

= He wishes to do acting one day.

= Min claimed that if he were to choose a different member, Joshua would be his choice since he speaks English.

= 17 is KMG’s favourite number.

= KMG is a positive person.

= His preferred shade is red.

= Min once co-opened a painting show with The8. Due to his interests include painting & photography.

= Additionally, the ’97 liners, for example, Bambam, Yugyeom, Jungkook, plus The8, Mingyu, DK also, Jaehyun, & Eunwoo they’re in the chat group.

= Meat is 1 of his favourite foods.

= KMG is really focused on his appearance/ fashion.

= He prefers to find enjoyment in the present rather than thinking about past happy times.

= He enjoys drinking iced Americano.

= Back on KMG’s birthday, Hoshi gave him a (CR) Cartier ring.

= According to Min, he truly treasures the ring that gift & wears at special events.

= He has a 4-bottle limit for soju.

= When drunk, Min would laugh & chat a lot.

= KMG’s eyes plus snaggletooth are 2 of his fave body features.

= He would rather have pig feet than pork belly.

= KMG is the kind who prefers to do significant things involving going out, plus watching films, & dine with colleagues.

= Moreover, he has lengthy, thick eyelashes.

= Additionally, he is the type of guy that thinks about numerous subjects, thus, he is making every attempt to live a happier life.

= He has an affectionate puppy-like personality/ nature compared to his icy man demeanor. He is adorable, energetic, self-assured, social, and outspoken.

= He loves spicy meals.

= Min’s preferred coats are black & beige.

= KMG is friends with Kihyun from MonstaX.

= His preferred pets are dogs.

= He wears 270-280mm boots.

= KMG is eager to meet EXO.

= KMG’s idol/ role model celeb is BigBang’s TOP, who excels as an actor plus portrays a cool appearance on stage.

= The earliest members of the band to obtain driving licenses were Mingyu & Jeonghan.

= KMG has a lot of aegyo & enjoys skinship, such as giving the teammates a back hug.

= KMG once defeated Seungkwan during an aegyo match.

= KMG wants to travel to (LA) Latin America.

= KMG created BongBongie, which is the officially recognised mascot of SEVENTEEN, later, gaining the moniker BongBong’s Dad.

= He & The8, a teammate are particularly close.

= Furthermore, The8 is close to his (KMG’s) family members as well; without telling him, The8 spent the day fishing with his father.

= In contrast to his appearance, he has a distinct demeanor. Despite the fact that, he appears to be cool on the outside, he is actually much smarter than everyone else and is often grinning or laughing.

= KMG uses the formula dad + mom = opening his mouth to describe his attractive looks.

= Plus Mingyu & Seungkwan are commonly referred to as the duo’s Tom & Jerry due to their regular, childish fights.

Mingyu Ideal Type:

= Mingyu would prefer to date somebody older in the future if given the option/ chance.

= Lastly, the ideal type (IDT) of female for KMG is tall, & kind-hearted plus friendly, & easygoing.

Professional life/ career:

Kim surprisingly aced the audition, back in Oct 2011, Kim later joined (PE) Pledis Entertainment.

When KMG was in his second year of middle grade, (PE) Pledis recruited him.

Kim got a casting proposal through a different company prior to signing Pledis, though he chose not to attend that audition.

(HSS) Han Sungsoo, CEO of (PE) Pledis, replied to Mingyu’s straight question, “Why & how did I succeed in the audition?” with “Since it’s time for an attractive/ handsome trainee to become part of our company.”

‘Dokyeom’ was planned to be the stage moniker when he made his professional debut.

KMG spent a total of 4 years as (TR) a trainee.

Rapper KMG is a part of (17) SEVENTEEN’s hiphop band.

In the (TSC) Thai sitcom (LTMC)  “Luangta Maha-chon,” Kim had a brief cameo.

KMG possesses an (MSR) melodic-style rap, which sets him apart from the remaining 3 teammates of the hiphop band.

“2017 Top Handsome Faces” lists Mingyu at 49th.

Later, on the list of “100 Top 2018 Handsome Faces,” KMG is placed number 32.

Eventually, back in 2019 list of “100 Top (HF) Handsome Faces” KMG placed number 24.

The MV for SEVENTEEN’s (SS) “Snap Shoot” was entirely conceived, executed, shot, & edited/ finished by KMG.

KMG was in the music videos for namely, “Face” by NU’EST plus “Venus” by namely Hello Venus.

Kim Mingyu Dramas

= Our Mamuang FromKorea + Year: 2017 + Ep: 2 + Role: Guest


= SEVENTEEN Power ofLove + Year: 2022 + Role: Main

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