May 28, 2024
Woo Do Hwan Profile, Interesting Facts, GF, Drama's & Much More
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Woo Do Hwan Profile/ About

Real Ireum: Woo Do Hwan

In Korean: 우도환

Stage Ireum: Woo Dohwan

Birthday & Year: 12th of July, 1992

Nationality: Korean

Birthplace: Anyang, Gyeonggi 

Country: South Korea

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Chinese Star: Monkey

Height: 5’11”

Hwan Weight: 65 kg 

Hwan Blood Type: B

Hwan Profession: Actor

Instagram: @wdohwan

Interesting Facts about Woo Do Hwan

Early life:

= Hwan’s homeland is in (GA) Gyeonggi, Anyang, Korea.

= Hwan’s family consists of a mum, dad, & younger sister.

= Hwan has a dog.

= Hwan majored in (P&F) Performance and Film at (DU) Dankook

= Dohwan grew up with a passion for acting. He had aspirations of becoming a performing actor.

= Later, Dohwan made the decision to study performance & film in college.

= He formerly had a part-time job working at a bakery, plus a restaurant, & coffee shop.

Hobbies, friends, personality, like & dislikes:

= Hwan can’t view or watch horror films.

= Dohwan favorite movie is named About Time.

= Hwan’s preferred type of music is called a ballad.

= WDH loves the (OP) One Piece anime.

= Zoro is Hwan’s most favorite anime character.

= WDH enjoys reading comic books in his free time.

= Hwan is an egg lover.

= WDH can consume four eggs at once.

= WDH likes exercising.

= Although he looks like somewhat harsh & cold outside, however, he is truly a warm individual.

= Hwan prides himself on being well-mannered plus a gentleman.

Military service:

= Hwan joined the military service back in the month July 2020.

Woo Do Hwan girlfriend:

= Hwan hasn’t dated anyone till now due to he’s worried he won’t manage or be able to balance work & love/ romance.

= As far as the age difference is appropriate, hwan is okay with dating younger or older women.

Woo Dohwan ideal type:

= “A lady I miss” instead of “a girl I would like to hang out/ spend time with” is Hwan’s preferred type.

Professional life:

Following that, in 2011, hwan made his debut.

Dohwan used to exclusively make cameo appearances in the early years of his career.

After years, in the 2016 through movie (OC) Operation Chromite, hwan debuted.

Next Year, in 2017, Hwan started to acquire popularity.

Following after making an appearance in Mad Dog, hwan’s fame grew to greater heights.

Woo Do Hwan Dramas

Mr. Plankton  + Ep: 10 + Role: Main 

Bloodhounds  + Year: 2023 + Channel: Netflix + Ep: 8 + Role: Main

Joseon Attorney: Morality  + Year: 2023 + Channel: MBC + Ep: 16 + Role: Main

Poong, Joseon Psychiatrist2 + Year: + Ep: 10 + Role: Guest 

Yoosepoong 2   + Year: 2023 + Channel: tvN + Ep: + Role: 

King: Eternal Monarch  + Year: 2020 + Channel: SBS + Ep: 16 + Role: Main

My Country + Year: 2019 + Channel: JTBC + Ep: 16 + Role: Main

Tempted  + Year: 2018 + Channel: MBC + Ep: 32 + Role: Main

Mad Dog  + Year: 2017 + Channel: KBS2 + Ep: 16 + Role: Main

Save Me  + Year: 2017 + Channel: OCN + Ep: 16 + Role: Main

Sweet Stranger & Me  + Year: 2016 + Channel: KBS2 + Ep: 

16 + Role: Support

ShutUp Flower Boy Band + Year: 2012 + Channel: tvN + Ep: 16 + Role: Guest

ComeCome, Absolutely Come  + Year: 2011 + Channel: MBN + Ep: 60 + Role: Guest

Woo Do Hwan Movies

My Heart Puppy + Year: 2023 + Role: Guest

Divine Move 2: + Year: 2019 + Role: Support

Divine Fury + Year: 2019 + Role: Main

Master + Year: 2016 + Role: Support

Operation Chromite + Year: 2016 + Role: Little Part

Let’s Go RoseMotel + Year: 2013 + Role: Support

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