Zhang Hao Profile, Interesting Facts, And More

Zhang Hao Profile, Interesting Facts

Zhang Hao Profile, Interesting Facts, And More everything read here!

About Zhang

Actual Name: Zhang Hao

In Chinese: 章昊

In Korean: 장하오

Birth of ZH: 25th of July 2000

ZH Star: Leo

ZH Chinese Star called: Dragon

ZH Height: Approx. 5’11′′

ZH Nationality: Chinese


Zhang Boys Planet profile

章昊,   장하오, Zhang Hao Profile, Interesting Facts

Facts about Zhang Hao

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1- ZH- a trainee also at Yuehua Entertainment agency.

2- ZH is also a participant in the ongoing program ‘BoysPlanet.‘

3- ZH’s specialty is violin. He’s a violinist.

4- ZH’s birthplace is Fujian, country China.

5- ZH’s hobbies/ activities include swimming, running, and touring.

6- He’s trilingual in Chinese, English, plus Korean.

7- Some of his most loved foods like milk tea plus Soondae soup, also kkakdugi, & rice.

8- Zhang’s moniker is Shark.

9- He becomes a part or member of a band, namely ZB1 (ZEROBASEONE) in 2023.

10- ZH ranked top 1 in Boys Planet.

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facts source: kpopprofiles

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