May 28, 2024
Terazono Keita Profile, Interesting FactsKeita
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Terazono Profile, Interesting Facts And More read here!

Keita Profile

Actual name: Terazono Keita

In Japanese: 寺園啓太

In Korea: 케이타

TK Nationality: Japanese

TK Birth: 4rth of Jul 2001

Keita’s Height: 5’7″ around, 170cm

His Weight: 58kg

Star: Cancer

Fandom: Pockeita

Boys Planet Profile

Terazono Keita Profile, Interesting Facts

Facts about Keita

1- TK’s Hometown is city OSAKA.

2- TK once débuted in a group called CIIPHER back in 2021.

3- TK 1st participated in a show called “YG TREASURE BOX.”

4- TK is also in BoysPlanet.

5- In (YGJ) YG Japan, TK was the 1st trainee.

6- TK is also a (JR) Japanese rapper plus composer from RainCompany.

7- Currently, he’s under (RC) RAIN Company.

8- TK values/ respected Rain the most.

9- TK as you know can rap plus sing so perfectly.

10- TK is a fanboy of BigBang also 2NE1.

11- He loves Blue in all colors.

12- TK is proficient speaker of Korean, Japanese.

13- Drawing is TK one of fav hobby.

14- TK enjoys a variety of musical styles, but his some favs example hiphop, also R&B, plus funk, lastly rock.

15- TK’s weakness is his trouble waking up.

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