May 28, 2024
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ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) is a band that was formed with the top 9 trainees of the program, namely, “Boys Planet.”

(ZB1) ZEROBASEONE’s agency discloses notice regarding member security and privacy.

To ensure the safety & privacy of its members, (ZB1) ZEROBASEONE has issued a statement.

The following announcement was published on the band’s official fansite on May 1:

(ZB1) ZEROBASEONE’s statement

“Greetings, this is ZB1 staff.

This is an instruction on appropriate offline fan behavior for ZEROBASEONE.

Please read the following information carefully, as it is intended to build an appropriate and organized fan

culture alongside the protection of the artists & the fans. Please review this cautionary statement often

since it’s subject to modification.

Note: Penalties for breaking the following include being permanently blacklisted & banned from

participating in any of ZEROBASEONE’s planned events.

1. It is forbidden to visit, filming, or even recording in private places where the artists’ security & privacy should be safeguarded, such as offices, agencies, practice rooms, dorms, fitness centers, studios, hair & makeup salons, etc.

Please abstain from waiting to meet the artists there, strolling with them plus starting up a discussion, handing them letters & presents directly, in addition to surrounding buildings, parking lots, cafés, etc., where ZB1’s privacy should be maintained. 

Furthermore, kindly abstain from following ZB1 & from planned activities, as this invades their privacy.

2. It is not permitted to observe, record, or photograph privately arranged events.

The timetable board on channel Mnet Plus serves as a platform for the announcement of fan events plus public broadcasts.

Kindly avoid attending all planned activities which aren’t announced through official notifications, such as the [band] traveling & from planned events/ activities at a site that is not revealed, as well as unauthorized gatherings and locations for any live broadcasts.

Kindly avoid going to parking lots since they are areas where cars drive around; also, avoid safety hazards brought on by excessive recording for all pedestrians, particularly the artists & fans.

3. Go to places for authorized staff only is restricted/prohibited.

Locations that include artist waiting areas plus parking areas at public broadcasts & event sites are places for authorized people only; therefore, please do not enter. ZEROBASEONE, alongside other artists plus broadcast employees, utilizes these spaces together.

4. Where forbidden, photography, videography, & audio recording are prohibited.

Photography, making videos, recording of audio, & live broadcasting are all restricted in any sites where shooting is strictly forbidden, particularly public broadcasts & fan club seats.

The gadgets will be taken away, the information inside will be destroyed, and the person will be made to leave the place if [such activities are] detected.

When gadgets are seized, we are not liable for any damage plus loss that occurs. The SD card can be taken away after data has been deleted.

Please be warned that there may be consequences for the performers and fan club seats if these kinds of acts are detected in places where recording is prohibited, like broadcasting stations.

5. Security measures when going to the airport.

It is not permitted to stand near the artists during their departure or arrival at the airport since there may be safety hazards in congested areas. Instead, we suggest that you maintain a safe distance from them.

After immigration, all forms of photography & filmmaking are prohibited.

Please don’t film in any locations past immigration, such as onboard the plane, at (SCP) security checkpoints, plus lounges, also duty-free stores, & ticket counters, or other security-related parts.

Take precautions as well to avoid endangering the safety of any passersby, notably artists, & fans, by engaging in aggressive filming.

6. It is forbidden to follow or stand close to artist-occupied cars.

It is not permitted to closely track the artists as well as the cars they are using.

We kindly request that you abstain from engaging in unruly behavior for the security of all drivers, pedestrians, plus artists, & fans because such behavior poses serious safety concerns to everybody.

For safety concerns, it’s also not permitted to throw any letter or presents into moving vehicles.

To create a positive fan culture, cooperation, plus understanding from fans.

We want to thank our supporters once more for their continued support of ZB1.

Thank you.”

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Han Yujin

Kim Taerae

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