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곤 Gon Profile, Interesting Facts
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About / Gon Profile

Name: Gon

In Korean:

Name Real: Lee Won Seo

In Korean: 이원서

LWS Nationality: Korean

Birthday of LWS: 7th of August, 1995

Gon Blood Group: B

Gon Sign: Leo

Seo Height: 180cm approx. 5’11”

LWS Position: Rapper, plus Main Dancer, also Vocalist


Facts about Gon

1- LWS is an important part of the (KBB) Korean boy band namely, VANNER.

2- On 14th Feb 2019, the band VANNER made its official debut.

3- Seo is the tallest among his VANNER member.

4- Seo only intended to serve as the team’s dance instructor, however, when the company offered seo’s if he’d like to join the team, he agreed.

5- LWS spent some time staying in Wisconsin, in the USA.

6- He has 1 brother and 1 sister.

7- Lws big brother is also the producer of TABASCO.

8- Seo additionally has a sibling sister, who’s elder plus resides in Ireland.

9- He had previously completed the necessary military duty.

10- Rings are his most loved accessories.

11- LWS is proficient in free-form/style dancing.

12- He enjoys sports, buying, scuba diving, raising reptiles, as well as vocal reproduction.

13- Spring is seo favorite time of year.

14- LWS also had a tattoo existed on his forearm.

15- His preferred shades, for example, pink, gold, also black.

16- Although Seo adores animals, but sadly, he’s sensitive/allergic to them. Following viewing one of the fan’s cat during a video conversation, he said this.

17- In addition to the animal cats, he has an allergy to alcohol too.

18- Mumu, his personal snake, is the 1 LWS held in a show called Better Do Better (BDB) music video.

19- Seo most fav fruit is mangoes. yummy!

20- His loved tteokbokki.

21- In drinks, Coke is his preferred fizzy drink.

22- When someone questioned which LWS chose, 1st pizza 2nd burgers, seo answered the latter.

23- His most loved ice cream option 1 is strawberry plus multicolored sherbet.

24- He hates carrots, plus pineapple on the top of the pizza, lastly, mint chocolate.

Gon ideal type:——-

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Gon Fan Cam performance Song Bad by Christopher

Fact source: kpopprofile

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