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Yoon Jong Woo Profile, Interesting Facts
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You can learn every single thing about Ze:U (private & professional insights) on this platform, including his complete memoir, schooling, & other information. Yoon Jong Woo Profile & facts about him are given below.

About/ Yoon Jong Woo Profile

Old stage ireum: Ze:U

In Korean: 제우

Real ireum: Yoon Jong Woo 

In Korean: 윤종우

Jongwoo Star: Gemini

Birthdate of Ze:U: 12th of June 2000

Jongwoo Chinese Star: Dragon

Yoon Nationality: Korean

Yoon Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Yoon Height: 177cm approx. 5’10”

Yoon Blood Group: B

Agency: Individual trainee


Yoon Instagram acc: @belllrain

Yoon Jong Woo Korean profile

Yoon Jong Woo Profile, Interesting Facts

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Facts about Yoon Jong Woo 

Early Life:

= Jongwoo’s birthplace is Sillim-dong (SD), Gwanak-gu (GG), City Seoul, Country South Korea.

= The Hometown of YJW is Anyang, (GD) Gyeonggi-do, (SK) South Korea.

= He had a sister.

Hobbies, specialties + Likes & Dislikes of Jong woo!

= He is now popular by his real name.

= Jongwoo MBTI is ENTJ.

= Jongwoo can speak fluent Korean, but basic Japanese, plus English. He’s trilingual.

= He is acknowledged as an animal lover & has a strong affinity towards animals.

= Jongwoo’s hobbies or interests are 1. walking, 2. dancing, 3. practicing games, 4. exercising, & 5. driving.

= Jongwoo has several tattoos on his body.

= He was formerly an athlete who competed in skating plus swimming.

= Jongwoo likes to take selfies.

= Jongwoo’s specialties include choreography, skating, also swimming.

= Jungkook of BTS is his (Jongwoo’s) role model.

= Jongwoo listed his favorite dancers are 1. Exo’s Kai, plus 2. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, also 3. BTS’ Jungkook,

& lastly, 4. The Boyz’ Juyeon during a fan call.

= The choreography for the song called “In My Heart” was created by him.

= His nickname is Belaine.

= His habit that he only knows is, he often twisted his neck and his wrist.

= He is most confident about his “jawline.”

Professional Life:

= YJW is a rap artist & songwriter from South Korea.

= Previously known as Ze:U, Jongwoo was the Maknae of the disbanded Korean boy band,

namely, Black Level.

= Jongwoo, previously called Ze:U, was introduced as a team member of the forthcoming boy band

“Black Level” back on the nineteenth of September 2021.

= So, the mini/ short album called “New-Start” served as their debut album launch on the twenty-sixth of

February 2022.

= Ze:U contributed to the writing of four of the eight tracks/ songs for his Black Level’s (BL) debut mini

album (MA) called New-Start (NS).

= He, together with members Uin, plus Younghoon, & Taeyoung, made the decision to quit the band on

the twenty-ninth of Nov in 2022, according to VT Ent., in order to focus on their idol aspirations alone.

= YJW was presented as a competitor on Boys Planet following on the twenty-ninth of Dec, 2022. The

show premiered on the second of Feb, 2023.

= His appearance in the reality competition program Boys Planet made him the most famous.

= Jongwoo trained for about 1 year & 4 months.

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Yoon Jong Woo TV Shows

Here are Yoon’s all TV shows listed below!

= Boys Planet + Year: 2023 + Channel: Mnet + Role: Contestant + Ep: 12

= M Countdown + Year: 2004 + Role: Guest + Ep: 786 

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Yoon Jong Woo fan cam: “Back Door” performance

Yoon Jong Woo fan cam: performance on “Home”

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